'Big Brother 21' Winner Jackson Michie Addresses Rumors That His Mom Is Suing CBS

Throughout the Big Brother 21 summer, Live Feeders noticed that whenever anyone spoke ill of Jackson Michie, the feeds were suddenly turned off or switched to another room.

When he commented on his mother being an “angel” and keeping him “out of jail,” fans assumed she would do anything to protect her son, including threatening CBS to cut the Live Feeds.

Therefore, when a Twitter account claiming to be Michie’s mother posted about hiring a lawyer to stop the “fabrications” on her son, people immediately believed it.

Michie took to a podcast to address the rumors that his mother is suing CBS.

Jackson Michie’s mom allegedly tried to block the Live Feeds

Even though the television edit of Big Brother portrayed Michie as a passionate competitor, the Live Feeds showed viewers a different side of him as he was observed cheating while a Have-Not, threatening to “mule kick” another Houseguest, and bragged about hooking up with two of the girls in the house.

Additionally, Michie, as well as other contestants including Christie Murphy and Kathryn Dunn, were overheard on the Live Feeds talking about his alleged domestic violence incident, addiction to Xanax before quitting cold turkey, his eating disorder, use of steroids, and extreme depression episode before he entered the house.

Then, fans began noticing that whenever anyone spoke badly about Michie, the feeds would change to fish or production would switch the cameras to another room.

BB19 Jessica Graf tweeted to her followers, asking them if it is true that Michie’s mother hired a lawyer to block the Live Feeds. While no one knew at the time, a few days later, a woman claiming to be Michie’s mother admitted she disagreed with the portrayal of her son and has “been in contact” with her lawyer.

Jackson Michie’s mom threatened to sue CBS via Twitter

In a Notes App posted to Twitter allegedly by Michie’s mom, Colleen, she wrote, “Dear Big Brother Fans, Alumnus, and Production, My son Jackson has always been a selfless, caring human being. How he is being portrayed on the Live Feeds is simply a fabrication. Production controls the houseguests’ every move and detail. Jackson is an open-minded individual with large amounts of love in his heart. This stuff that is being said by him is not him. Production is making him say those things! CBS will not hear the last of me or my son, in my years I’ve never witnessed such fabrications towards my son Jackson. I have been in contact with my lawyer since a serious issue has been brought to my attention. His well-being has been toyed around with and mistreated for too long. They have no consideration for his mental health in the house, and surely not when he gets out of it. – Colleen Maloney Michie.”

On the same day, she also tweeted, “What they are doing to #BBJack is disgusting. Hopefully, they don’t show that foul behavior towards Jackson.”

In another tweet, she wrote, “The fact Julie Chen remains to stay quiet on this subject and will not speak up about the countless lies on my son’s name is absolutely appalling. I hope her son NEVER has to go through what me and my family have had to endure because this is not pleasant.”

Is Jackson Michie’s mom suing CBS?

On the Your Reality Recaps podcast, Michie addressed the rumors, explaining his parents do not have anywhere near enough money to sue CBS, and he wouldn’t have done the show if they did.

He also described his mother’s personality, saying even though she’s always there for him, she still is someone who lets him deal with the repercussions of his actions instead of trying to cover for him.

Even though Michie has denied the rumors, his mother has yet to address the situation publicly, and the Twitter account she was connected to has been suspended.

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