'Big Brother 23': Azah Awasum Reveals the Cast's Slop Chip and Soup Recipe

Every season of Big Brother shows some cast members eating slop all week. It usually isn’t shown in the show, but it does affect how the game is played because slop can emotionally and mentally affect houseguests. Azah Awasum’s cooking was highly praised by other houseguests. Showbiz Cheat Sheet talked to her in a phone interview about her experience on Oct. 28. She revealed how they turned slop into chips and soup. 

What’s in ‘Big Brother’ slop?

Have-Nots on Big Brother are only allowed to eat slop until their week is done. Slop is mostly steel-cut oats. Houseguests are advised to take one-fourth cup of slop and mix it with a half cup of water. You bring it to a boil, and it’s ready to eat.

Producers also give houseguests a list of what they can or can not use with the slop. They’re allowed to use certain oils, different kinds of vinegar, and seasonings to try to make it taste better.

But houseguests typically complain about eating slop, and it doesn’t seem like there are many options to actually make it exciting. However, they got creative on Big Brother 23 to try to make it edible.

Azah Awasum reveals the cast’s slop chip and soup recipe

Awasum’s cooking was a hit with other houseguests and might have even helped her game. She revealed the cast’s spin on slop, which is notoriously not a tasty meal.

“I started making something from my home country called puff puff … It’s basically fried dough,” she told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “Derek saw that, and we started flat chips.” She then explained that she made a soup out of slop to go with it.

Awasum went into detail about how they made the chips while filming the CBS show. She said they used the ingredients for slop, then put it on a baking pan and baked them. After they hardened, they took them out and cut them into triangles. They then fried the slop triangles, and they ended up tasting like tortilla chips.

She then explained how she made the soup. “What I did was I took some bouillon cubes, I took some rosemary, I took some pepper and just all the seasonings that we were allowed to make and just made a broth on the stove from that,” the former houseguest said. “And then when you put the slop chips inside, that kind of became the protein for the soup, and it became soup.”

The recipe does make slop sound better, but Awasum still doesn’t recommend it. “You don’t need to try it,” she said. “No one needs to try slop.”

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