'Big Brother 23': Which Houseguest Will Win America's Favorite Player? Reddit Weighs In!

Big Brother fans are already looking ahead to finale night. They’re wondering who could win America’s Favorite Player for season 23. This is the prediction Reddit is making.

America has shown which ‘Big Brother 23’ houseguests they like

Houseguests get small hints as to how fans feel about them later in the season. The High Roller’s Room opened, and fans had the power to give them bb bucks. The top three houseguests get 100, the next three get 75, and the rest get 50.

Derek Frazier and Derek Xiao have received 100 the first two weeks. Britini D’Angelo received it the first week, and Claire Rehfuss received it the next week. Hannah Chaddha and Xavier Prather got 75 the first and second week. Tiffany Mitchell got 75 the first week, then 50 the next. Alyssa Lopez received 75 her second week. The rest of the cast has stayed at 50 for the first two weeks. 

If we go by the votes, it looks like fans like Derek F and Derek X the most. Fans are already starting to wonder who will win America’s Favorite Player.

Which houseguests will win America’s Favorite Player? Reddit weighs in

America’s Favorite Player gets the most votes from fans and wins $25,000. This award can also go to someone who already made it far in the show or was evicted earlier.

Fans are already speculating who might win the prize on Reddit. A thread called “So are we all in agreement on AFP this year?” was created on Aug. 25. Some of the top comments talk about Derek X.

“So we all gonna agree him taking this punishment over 5k helped his case for AFP?” one fan asked. “I think he was winning it anyway before his punishment,” another fan answered. “Hopefully he gets a few good jury edits to keep him top of mind with the casuals,” one person wrote.

Other fans shared their love for Claire and acknowledged Derek F also has a lot of fans. One fan reminded the others it’s too early to call it a win for Derek X. “We’re more than a month away from finale night. That’s a loooong time for casuals to remember a dude who didn’t actually get that much screen time,” one person wrote.

It’s hard to try and predict who can take home the prize. People have won for their personalities, and others have won for their good gameplay. Sometimes people just like the underdog who gave the powerful houseguests a harder time. So fans will have to keep waiting to see who will win the $25,000 prize on finale night.

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