Billy Eichner Slams Aaron Sorkin on LGBTQ Casting – ‘Talking About S*** He Doesn’t Fully Comprehend’

Aaron Sorkin is the subject of criticism after comments he made about LGBTQ casting. Diversity is one of the hot topics in the modern media landscape. However, many high-level executives and filmmakers aren’t on the same page regarding whether straight cisgender actors should be able to play LGBTQ-identifying characters. Eichner recently slammed Sorkin for his recent LGBTQ-focused statements.

Billy Eichner reads Aaron Sorkin defending ‘Being the Ricardos’ casting

The Times interviewed Sorkin to talk about the Being the Ricardos casting backlash. Social media exploded in response to Nicole Kidman playing Lucille Ball and Javier Bardem playing Desi Arnaz. However, Kidman’s casting backlash somewhat calmed down after the film’s release. Sorkin compared the argument with people’s disagreement with straight actors playing LGBTQ roles.

“You can act being attracted to someone, but can’t act gay or straight,” Sorkin said. “So this notion that only gay actors should play gay characters? That only a Cuban actor should play Desi? Honestly, I think it’s the mother of all empty gestures and a bad idea. It’s heartbreaking, and a little chilling to see members of the artistic community resegregating ourselves.”

Sorkin followed up his comments with the statement that only allowing LGBTQ actors to play their own roles is a “bad idea.”

Billy Eichner claps back at Aaron Sorkin regarding LGBTQ casting statements

Eichner took to Twitter to respond to Sorkin’s LGBTQ casting statement. He explained how the entertainment industry negatively treats the LGBTQ community who are working to make the content. Eichner points to Sorkin’s lack of knowledge on the subject and directly tells him to take his statements with him back into the past.

“Complete ignorant of how Hollywood has treated its openly LGBTQ+ actors for a century,” Eichner wrote. “Talking about s*** he doesn’t fully comprehend. Scared that Hollywood isn’t (entirely) ruled by straight men anymore. Go write yourself a ‘walk and talk’ back into the past. Merry Christmas!”

The majority of replies on social media agree with Eichner. Sorkin continues to dig himself into a deeper hole as his casting comments further upset audiences. One Twitter user points to an example of this: “James Corden in Prom. The prosecution rests.”

‘BROS’ is leading by example in LGBTQ casting

Eichner isn’t speaking from a place of hypocrisy, as he’s leading by example. He’s writing and starring in the upcoming romantic comedy titled BROS. The story follows two gay men with commitment issues who give a relationship with each other a shot. BROS is breaking new ground as the first gay Hollywood rom-com starring an all-LGBTQ principal cast.

Eichner takes LGBTQ inclusion very seriously. He speaks from a place of experience as he rejects the old, traditional ways of Hollywood. LGBTQ actors often aren’t considered for cisgender straight roles, so many folks in the LGBTQ community believe that it’s wrong to give their own narratives to non-LGBTQ actors.

BROS lands in theaters on August 12, 2022.

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