Blumhouse Mandating Vaccinations For Full-Time Employees And Across Film & TV Productions

EXCLUSIVE:  Deadline has learned that Blumhouse is requiring those working on their film and television sets, as well as their full-time employees when they return to office, to be vaccinated. This also includes office visitors.

On the company’s film and television productions, the mandate is currently for workers in Zone A with a plan to expand to cover all cast and crew on all zones once legally possible.

Once the Blumhouse offices open up, all full-time corporate employees will also be required to be fully vaccinated to work in the office (subject to any accommodation obligations required under state or federal law). For now, the return date for employees to the Blumhouse HQ remains TBD.

Some of the major studios such as Sony and Warner Bros. haven’t made vaccinations a requirement, however, corporations such as Disney have mandated inoculations for salaried and non-union hourly employees. Apple is currently considering whether or not to require vaccines for its employees.

Prior to Blumehouse, Netflix has mandated vaccinations for their productions. Amazon remains in talk about making Covid vaccinations a requirement for actors and those who come in contact with them on sets. For traditional studios, it’s largely a case-by-case basis, with Universal Studio Group’ Chicago Med and Gaslit among series that have adopted this safety procedure.

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Blumhouse’s policy comes in the wake of yesterday’s news that the majority of new Covid-19 infections are among the unvaccinated in LA County with residents being hospitalized and those dying spiking at an alarming rate.


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