Boris Johnson and Brexit mocked by German TV in The Crown parody

A German TV show has mocked Boris Johnson and Brexit in a new parody based on Netflix smash-hit, The Crown. 

The fake trailer, titled The Clown, aired on network NDR show Extra3, and took aim at Britain’s ongoing Brexit negotiations and branded the Prime Minister a ‘notorious buffoon’. 

Dubbing the UK a country ‘whose citizens tumble down hills to catch cheese’, the skit also took aim at culture secretary’s Oliver Dowden’s pleas to Netflix to add a disclaimer on The Crown to assure viewers it was a dramatisation. 

Instead, they wrote: ‘All real – even if you can’t believe it.’ 

‘Somehow, shrewd Boris Johnson becomes prime minister with circus acts and sleight of hand,’ the voiceover said. 

‘But his funniest trick yet is Brexit. He cons Brits into believing fake numbers. And that’s how Mr. Johnson leads them out of the EU.’ 

A fake Johnson is then heard reciting in German: ‘I can’t do anything except but grin stupidly. And harvest apples. And I always forget my lines.’ 

Promising the ‘series’ will ‘spiral into chaos for 23 seasons’, they added: ‘The clown gets tangled up in silly adventures. 

‘The negotiations with the EU seem endless. The huge budget bears no relation to the result.’ 

The trailer came just 24 hours after it was announced the prime minister and President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen agreed to extend talks over trade deals between the EU and the UK. 

Mr Johnson on Sunday said the UK would not be walking away from the negotiating table and ‘where there is life, there is hope’ – but a no-deal outcome was still the most likely scenario.

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