Bradley Walsh scolds Chase contestant for interrupting ‘I’m treated with no respect’

The Chase: Bradley Walsh jokes he gets ‘no respect’ on show

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The Chase contestants on Wednesday’s episode included Louise, Tom, Karoline, and Graham. After gaining a strong start for the team in her cash-builder, third player Karoline shocked the ITV host when she interrupted him during a crucial question. Bradley couldn’t contain himself and joked he was treated with “no respect” as Chaser Paul ‘The Sinnerman’ Sinha laughed at the situation.

The team struggled to gain a strong start after the first contestant Louise failed to make it through to the Final Chase,

However, Tom made it through along with Karoline with £5,000 following an impressive cash-builder.

The players impressed Bradley and Chaser Paul and they won a grand total of £10,000.

Although an uncomfortable moment between Bradley and Karoline left the studio laughing in hysterics.

As Karoline was only one step away from returning to the team with £5,000, Bradley read out the final question.

It read: “What word links the titles of hits by Fairground Attraction and the Lightning Seeds?”

However, before he could finish, it was clear that Karoline knew the answer and was giddy with delight.

She quickly pressed the button for the answer before Bradley could finish reading out the question.

The host looked shocked as the correct answer was revealed.

As Karoline did a happy dance, Bradley joked: “That’s the second player who’s pressed before I’ve finished.”

Karoline said to him: “Sorry, I was just excited!”

“I’m not having it,” the presenter continued.

“I’m treated with no respect on this show,” Bradley added, pretending to look miserable.

However, Karoline continued with her happy dance and laughed at Bradley’s joke.

The host then claimed that he didn’t think Karoline’s answer was correct but he was proven wrong.

The contestant was delighted that she was correct and made it back for the Final Chase with her team.

Tom and Graham joined Karoline in the Final Chase and the trio were able to achieve an impressive 20 steps.

The Sinnerman was impressed with their performance and confirmed: “You are firm favourites to win this.”

However, the Final Chase became incredibly tense when the Chaser missed a question with only two seconds left on the clock.

The team were ecstatic to gain the push back, which led to time running out and the team winning the prize pot.

Paul told the contestants: “That was a superb performance and, without that [final push back], you wouldn’t be going away with any money right now.”

The Chase airs on weekdays on ITV at 5pm.

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