Britain’s Got Talent 2019: ‘Sit down’ Simon Cowell loses it after David Walliams’ antics

Britain’s Got Talent 2019: ‘Sit down’ Simon Cowell loses it after David Walliams’ antics

Britain’s Got Talent’s first episode of the new season will air later today, and it’ll see Simon Cowell, David Williams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden all return to judge the competition.

However, the judges don’t always agree, and sometimes things can get heated between them.

This is especially the case between Simon and David, who often end up having some memorable spats on the show.

This turned out to be the case on the very first episode of the latest season.

Simon ended up losing it with his fellow judge, David, after Jimmy Tamley took to the stage and asked David and Amanda to join him onstage.

It turned out he was a professional ventriloquist, and he ended up pulling a real number on the two judges.

He then proceeded to put masks on the judges, and he started to speak for them, and the outcome was both hilarious and oddly disturbing.

It was particularly disturbing for Simon after Jimmy got David to strip on stage.

“Hang about. I just remembered, I’ve got another hobby,” Jimmy said as David.

“What’s your other hobby, David,” Jimmy asked, and he then revealed that it was striptease.

Much to the audience’s delight, and Simon’s horror, the comedian-turned-children’s author proceeded to do a very explicit striptease.

“I’m going to kill you,” he said pointing at Jimmy.

David went all the way down to Simon and lay on the table with his trousers off and his shirt open.

Simon’s face said it all, and he was not happy with his Britain’s Got Talent colleague.

David eventually sat back down and said: “Well, I feel like my career’s over.”

Once the had finished, Simon said: “David, you are a horrible human being. Sit down,” after David strutted his stuff around the auditorium.

These slightly explicit scenes came after Alesha Dixon spilt juicy details about the hit ITV programme, revealing the producers have switched things up this series and insisting it would be the “best show”.

Raving about the first instalment, which kicks off this Saturday, the 40-year-old presenter said fans of the programme were “in for a treat this year”.

“It feels like we’re spoilt this year, we’re in for the best show,” she enthused.

Britain’s Got Talent starts today at 7:15pm on ITV.

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