Call The Midwife’s Doctor Turner admits falling ‘madly in love’ with BBC co-star wife

Call the Midwife finale pays tribute to late crew member

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Call The Midwife season 11 came to an end last Sunday and saw the reveal of who survived the horrific train accident. Doctor Turner (played by Stephen McGann) suffered blunt force trauma to the head, whilst Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter) suffered a few broken ribs. Now the series has ended and fans await the release of series 12 of the BBC series in 2023, Stephen McGann opened up about his role on the show and shared a sweet insight into his relationship with writer Heidi Thomas.

Call The Midwife is known for its co-star romances, with many of the cast meeting their significant others whilst on set.

Stephen and Heidi met in the mid-1980s during a script reading in Liverpool and have been married for 30 years.

Speaking to the Sunday Time Magazine, Stephen admitted he fell “madly in love” with Heidi within minutes of meeting her.

However, the pair lost touch after meeting until bumping into one another in a Liverpool hotel a few years later.

He said: “I thought the writer [of the play] was probably about 48 and prematurely grey, but I walked into the audition, and there was this young girl talking five hundred to the dozen.

“We started chatting about the character, and by the time I left the room, I was madly in love.”

Stephen admitted he always thought that love, at first sight, was “idiotic” until it happened with him and Heidi.

Heidi has also praised her and Stephen’s relationship in the past and told Good Housekeeping in 2020: “There are definite similarities [between McGann and Dr Turner].

“For example, he’s very gifted at origami, and I’ve written his talent for origami into previous episodes.

“There are definite similarities [between McGann and Dr Turner] – for example, he’s very gifted at origami, and I’ve written his talent for origami into previous episodes.”

Heidi joked: “But there are other things where they’re not remotely like one another, for example, Steve can’t do a forceps delivery.”

When writing storylines for the BBC show, Heidi has taken her own experiences being with Stephen and turned them into incidents on the show.

In 1998 she was diagnosed with sepsis which left Stephen sobbing “like a baby”, soon making it into the show.

The incident went on to influence Barbara Hereward’s (Charlotte Anne Ritchie) storyline in the show.

Writing about the incident in The Times, Stephen said: “When Heidi caught sepsis, it clarified everything.

“There was a point where she got wheeled away for more checks, and I went to the loo and sobbed like a baby.

“At that moment, I realised how quickly life can change. When she got better, nothing was the same again.”

In the final episode of the series, they dedicated the last episode to a late, beloved member of the crew, Kev Corbishley.

As the episode ended, the text read: “In memory of Kev Corbishley 1965 – 2022.”

According to IMDb, Kev had been a part of the show’s camera and editorial department.

In the concluding scenes, the locals all posed together for a picture as the screen faded and the tribute to Kev appeared.

Call The Midwife will return in 2023, while previous episodes can be found on BBC iPlayer.

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