‘Can we edit that out?’ The Chase contestant backtracks after Jenny Ryan swipe

The Chase: Contestant begs Bradley to cut out joke

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George, 21, was answering a chemistry-related question and with his answer, he made a confident dig about seeing Jenny Ryan, also known as “The Vixen”, in the final. The Chase host Bradley Walsh, 61, grinned as the Chaser failed to respond to the swipe. The university student then asked if his comment could be “edited out” of the ITV show, but Bradley refused.

George, a French and History student, had gotten off to a promising start on the quiz show after winning £7,000 in his cash-builder round.

As he played against top quizzer Jenny, 39, he was asked a question relating to chemical symbols.

“The chemical symbol for which of these metallic elements does not contain the letter A?” Bradley asked.

The options were gold, silver or copper.

“You’ve put copper,” Bradley noted.

“Copper,” George confirmed. “CU.” He turned to Jenny and cockily added: “CU in the Final Chase. Hopefully.”

As the audience laughed, Jenny simply glared at the player.

Smiling, Bradley commented: “Nice.”

“Can you edit that out?” George requested, looking embarrassed.

“Hey?” Bradley replied as the student sheepishly repeated: “Can we edit it out?”

The actor responded: “No! That’s staying in, it’s good – that was good.

“And you put copper. Correct answer is – copper, well done. Step closer to home.”

Jenny has also answered correctly. “Gold is AU silver is AG,” she explained.

Fans picked up on the awkward moment, with Twitter user Mary writing: “I C what U did there  #TheChase.”

J posted a Gif of someone rolling their eyes, captioning it: “‘CU’ in the final chase #TheChase.” (sic)

However, viewers also praised George’s performance during the Final Chase, which saw him, David and Sarah beating Jenny.

They took home a total of £17,000 to split between them.

“George was head and shoulders above the other two #thechase,” Janice Fryett commented.

MissM penned: “Yes!! Well done team! I thought George in particular was brilliant. #TheChase.”

“Terrific,” Bradley stated after the win. “Chaser, great team.”

“Really great performance,” the Vixen agreed. “Well played, enjoy it.”

The Chase airs weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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