Carla fights back against killer Stephen as dangerous war explodes in Corrie

War has officially begun between killer Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) and Underworld boss Carla Barlow (Alison King) in Coronation Street.

While it would appear that Stephen currently has the upper hand, Carla is set to fight back in upcoming episodes.

Stephen has been causing havoc on the street ever since his return to Weatherfield, and now, with two dead bodies on his hands, he has set his sights on bringing down Carla.

After almost securing a deal with misogynist businessman Rufus, he was left with nothing as Carla stole it from right underneath him, pointing out that anything designed in her factory on her time was officially hers.

This was the final straw for Stephen, who had already been left embarrassed by the Underworld boss in front of former contact Dick Haversham.

In an unexpected turn of events, Stephen managed to get his hands on a vial of LSD, and his plan soon formed.

Recently, viewers have seen Stephen lace Carla’s drink with the hallucinogenic drug, in the hopes that people begin to think her psychosis has returned.

Carla suffered a psychotic episode in 2019, following the collapse of the factory roof.

With Rana Habeeb dead and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) injured, Carla felt responsible, and couldn’t handle the guilt.

With support from lover Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne), Carla was able to get help and put her life back on track.

Since discovering Carla’s previous mental health problems in a conversation with Sarah Platt (Tina O’Brien), Stephen has decided to use it as part of his plan.

‘This is to get her out of the way of the business’, actor Todd Boyce said.

‘He knows there are the 50 centers with shares in the company and he just needs to mobilise them and make them think she is not capable of doing the job.’

Stephen’s ultimate goal is to get Carla out of Underworld for good, leaving room for him to take over.

However, things may be set to backfire as Carla fights back.

Having recognised her symptoms, Carla initially decided to take a few days off. However, she is soon fighting fit and ready to go back to work, essentially throwing Stephen’s entire plan off course.

She sends Peter into the factory to pick up some files, where he delivers the bad news to Stephen.

It appears that Stephen won’t let things go that easily, and takes his opportunity while he can.

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Delivering the file in person to Carla’s flat, he slips another dose of LSD in her water while her back is turned.

As the drug kicks in, Carla feels disorientated and dizzy, leading Peter to call the doctor.

Will medical intervention prove what Stephen is up to, or will he be left to continue his sinister plot?

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