‘CBS This Morning’ Overhaul Announcement Fails To Pack ‘Em In On Monday

CBS This Morning did its best to attract the biggest crowd possible to Monday’s broadcast, promising viewers last Friday it would address reports of the show’s on-air overhaul that would put Gayle King in the starring role, joined by Anthony Mason and Tony Dokoupil. Last Friday, show co-host Norah O’Donnell promised viewers that Monday would be the big reveal, also expected to impact CBS Evening News,  adding, “Our show starts at 7 o’clock, and our Twitter handle is @CBSThisMorning.”

The announcement gave media obsessed with the story plenty of time to get out word.

Monday morning, as promised, King revealed she is the only surviving co-host of the ratings starved morning show, with John Dickerson heading to 60 Minutes and O’Donnell replacing Jeff Glor as anchor of CBS Evening News.

An average of 3.068 million people tuned in on Monday. That included 718K in the coveted 25-54 “news” demographic who heard O’Donnell say her new gig, replacing Jeff Glor, and moving CBS Evening News‘s base to Washington D.C. marked a “new era” for the newscast.

The crowd that tuned in to Monday morning’s broadcast was smaller than the 3.129M who had watched the show on Friday, when O’Donnell gave viewers a heads-up. That had included 776K viewers in the news demo.

A far bigger crowd of 5.686M watched Glor on Monday night, including 1.048 in the news demo, give viewers his version of the news.

“You may have heard about changes taking place here at CBS News,” Glor began.

Hours after being referred to as of-a-former-era on the morning show, Glor did not name his replacement, telling viewers the changes affect “colleagues, the unmatched evening news team, and me.”

“The outpouring of support from you has been everything, so thank you for that,” Glor told viewers.“I’d like to think we’re all guided by something bigger than one moment and one broadcast,” he said, adding, I have always wanted to do work that matters, and still do. That is something that will never change”:

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