Cecily Strong on Leaving 'SNL,' Mooning an Airplane and Which Host the Cast Fell in Love With

Busy Philipps welcomed the “Saturday Night Live” veteran to “Busy Tonight” where she dished on her fellow castmates revealing the biggest bromance and who got catfished.

Cecily Strong dropped by "Busy Tonight" on Thursday to talk about her time on "Saturday Night Live," dishing some fun dirt on her fellow castmates and which host they all fell in live with … like, literally.

But it wasn’t all stories of love and laughter, at least not for Cecily. Busy Philipps was certainly dying over Cecily’s story about how her dog helped her moon an entire plane of passengers.

"Yeah, it was a real humbling experience," Cecily said.

According to the seven-year veteran of NBC’s venerable late-night sketch show, it’s at least partly the fault of the airlines for how their bathroom doors work. But it all went so terribly wrong because she was flying with her little dog Lucy and had to bring her into the bathroom with her.


"I can’t just leave her there," she explained. "I’m worried she’ll do something weird or crash the plane. Who knows what she’ll do on her own, so I have to take her into the bathroom."

Everything probably would have worked out just fine had Cecily not accidentally dropped her poop bags into the toilet while pulling her pants down to do what you do.

"I was like, ‘I have to get those out,’" she told an increasingly stunned Busy. "So I’m like wrapping my hand in toilet paper, my pants are around my ankles and I reached into the toilet. But as I did that, my butt hit the door and they aren’t really locked now, so it opened up."

She quickly grabbed it to close it, but by then Lucy had already stuck her head out the door and was making a whole racket, just to ensure that everyone on the plane knew exactly what was down on the plane. In this case, Cecily’s pants.

"SNL" Romance


In her seventh season on the show, Cecily Strong has worked with a lot of cast-members and seen a lot of hosts come through. But rather than focus on the worst guest — because we’ve gotten a lot of stories that seem pretty convinced that title belongs to the Biebs — Busy asked about the best.

"I was actually the most shocked by Chris Hemsworth," Cecily said, admitting she was worried that his action-movie background would make him an ill fit for what they do. "He came in and sort of charmed us all and was so like the cool jock that wants to hang out with the gay theater kids."

She went on to add, "I feel like he left and we all were like, ‘Are we all dating Chris Hemsworth now?’ Like, all the boys and all the girls were all like, ‘Are we all in love? I mean, what happened? What just happened?’"

"SNL" Farewell

But as much as she’s clearly enjoying her time on the show, Busy asked her if she’s given any thought to leaving. Most cast-members sign initial seven-year contracts and then renegotiate from there, so it’s possible Cecily is facing that decision now.

If she is, though, uncertainty seems to be the most concise answer. "I think it’ll feel right when it’s time," she said. "There’s some days I’m like, ‘That’s it, I’m not coming back!’ And then the next week it’s like, ‘Oh I love it, I can stay for ten years.’ There’s just so much of my life is there, so it’s– I don’t know. I guess I just don’t know."

One thing she did know for sure, "It’s nice having a job." That said, though, long-running cast-members on "SNL" have no problem securing work after their time on the show. "Saturday Night Live" alums practically litter the entertainment industry, leading television sitcoms, late-night talk shows and blowing up the big screen. In other words, she should be just fine.

For the time being, she’s definitely enjoying being a part of the show, as evidenced by how much she laughed assigning "Most Likely to…" senior superlatives to her various cast-mates over the year. She didn’t even hesitate in naming Pete Davidson as the most likely to attend the next Fyre Festival and … well, yeah.

Busy also asked her who has the biggest "SNL" bromance and which member of the cast is most likely to get catfished. "This is because I know he did get catfished," she laughed when revealing that last one. Check out all her answers in the video below:


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