Chloe Ferry strips to a thong for cellulite treatment on her bum

CHLOE Ferry stripped down to a thong for a cellulite treatment on her bum.

The Geordie Shore star, 24, shared the treatment on her Instagram Story, which showed her lying down on a bed in the thong.

Meanwhile, a beautician used an instrument by moving it up and down her bum.

In the Story, she explained about The Hydra Clinic treatment: "For everyone wondering what treatment I'm getting, it's good for toning the muscle, it's good for skin tightening, I get it for cellulite. It doesn't hurt but I always get results after my first session."

Chloe was undergoing a Lipofirm Pro treatment at the clinic.

This involves using radio frequency energy to heat fat cells and drain them, while also reshaping the skin.

The Hydra Clinic says it works best for fat reduction, cellulite reduction, skin tightening, collagen remodelling, stretch mark reduction, detoxification, and enhance blood circulation and oxegenation.

Chloe has been showing off the results on her Instagram, where she was previously posing in just a bikini.

The Geordie Shore star showed off her enhanced curves in a new Instagram video, prancing around the house in a tiny thong bikini. 

She was seen giggling as she let her hair down with a pal in the two-piece, which was plain black apart from two strategically placed Playboy bunny logos on the top. 

She added a caption that simply read: “Get me on that beach”. 

The star recently told The Sun that she will do one more series of Geordie Shore before quitting – as the trolling is too relentless.

Chloe said: "I think I will do one more series of Geordie Shore and then leave. 

"I want to start steering away from telly and concentrate more on my salon.

"I just feel like I’m a completely different person now to the person I was when I first started.

"You don’t realise how much abuse you get. People used to tell me I was too thick to do stuff and I believed it. I used to think I was a failure. 

“Then lockdown happened and I put my head down and focussed on what I wanted. 

"I now believe I can do whatever I want. The world is my oyster.

“Eventually I would love to live on an island and have a farm or something. 

"I'm just sick of everyone having an opinion on me."

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