Chris Kamara addresses staying quiet over speech condition

Chris Kamara discusses his apraxia diagnosis

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Former Soccer Saturday reporter Chris Kamara and Tipping Point host Ben Shephard joined This Morning presenters Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary to discuss his documentary surrounding his speech diagnosis. Chris, better known by his nickname “Kammy”, opened up on the heartbreaking reason he didn’t want anyone to know about his latest diagnosis.

Touching on the symptoms which made him go and see a doctor, Chris explained: “He sent me for some tests and it was shown I had an under active thyroid.

“Great all my birthdays in one day. Anyway, that didn’t… it cured my thyroid but I live off thyroxin and that’s down to not going to see the doctor when I got the symptoms.

“And then the speech issue came and it could be the thyroid that’s brought on the neurological apraxia, but we don’t know.”

He continued: “We take for granted when we speak, it’s natural but the message from the brain to the mouth somehow gets confused and the words come out wrong or come out slow.

“My voice was my life so it was hard to accept, that’s why I kept it quiet. I thought there’s no way you can tell anyone.

“So all of a sudden people are tweeting me and asking my friends ‘Is he okay?’ that’s eventually where my good friend got me to spill my beans on GMB,” pointing to Ben.

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