Chris Witty warns UK heading into ‘worst point in the pandemic’ as he slams Covid-sceptics

Chris Whitty says UK is at ‘worst point of epidemic’

Professor Whitty joined Louise Minchin and Dan Walker on BBC Breakfast on Monday to answer questions from members of the public on the new lockdown measures that are in place in England to stop the spread of coronavirus. The Chief Medical Officer gave the stark account as he used the opportunity to blast Covid-sceptics for spreading “absurd theories” about the scale of the crisis facing the NHS this winter. He said the situation is “very serious” and warned the country is heading into the “worst weeks” in terms of the pressure on the NHS of the whole pandemic.

Professor Whitty said: “I don’t actually think that the great majority of the British public, who are incredibly sensible, think this is not happening I think people realise this is a very serious problem

“We will get through. We will get through together but at this point in time, we are at the worst point in the epidemic for the UK.

“There are always going to be noises of people who come up with absurd theories and suggestions of things that are either simply not true or a misunderstanding of what’s going on.

“Anybody who looks at some of the reports that the BBC and other news outlets have done from hospitals, anyone who talks to a doctor or nurse working in the NHS, anybody in face who reads any newspaper they will know this is a very serious problem.

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