Christine McGuinness has a meltdown as she gets stuck in a lift in a hotel and tells fans she's 'f***ing sweating'

Christine McGuinness has a meltdown as she gets stuck in a hotel lift and yells she's "f***ing sweating."

The 32-year-old, who is married to Take Me Out legend Paddy McGuinness, took to her Instagram story on Tuesday and revealed the scary news to her fans.

She opened up about her claustrophobia as she was trapped five floors up a lift shaft.

Trying to stay composed, the blonde beauty spoke down the camera and said: "Ok, I am not joking this is serious… I am actually stuck in a lift.

"Genuinely, I'm stuck in a lift… it is not moving."

In a second post, Christine continued: "I am still here.. i am f****** sweating… I really don't like small spaces. I am stuck on floor 5 it is not even moving. I am pressing the buttons."

Trying her best to take her mind off the dire situation, the mother-of-three added: "I am still in the lift. It is moving but what happens is it is moving up and down and the doors won't open.

"I am on the fifth floor and it is stuck. What the f***?!", before she added with a frustrated tone: "I am going to be stuck in here."

Starting to lose her patience, she repeated: "I am sweating. I am going to start panicking. I am going to get off my phone and call the hotel. I swear to God."

Finally help arrived, Christine was rescued and she was able to get on with the rest of her day.

She signed off with: "I'm out it's ok . (f****** hate lifts.")

Earlier this month, Christine shared rare pictures of her twins Leo and Penelope in a heartfelt birthday tribute.

The touching montage was to mark the pair turning seven.

The model gushed: "I am truly blessed to be their mummy ? Feeling unconditional love is magical."

Christine, who is also mother to four-year old Felecity added: "LOVE YOU to the moon and back forever and always my babies you are everything to me ??".

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