Clarkson’s Farm ratings: Just how popular is Clarkson’s Farm?

Kaleb Cooper says Clarkson’s tractor ‘should rot’

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Clarkson’s Farm premiered last month, and fans still can’t get enough of the series. The second season still hasn’t been renewed, with hopes that high ratings will tip the scales in favour of season two. But how popular is the Amazon Prime series?

How popular is Clarkson’s Farm?

When it comes to breaking down the popularity of a show, two main factors come into play.

First is the online reaction, taking into account reviews and user scores, aggregate websites are the best place to turn to for this.

The second way is to look at the viewership ratings for a series – how many people actually sat down to view a show.

The first is relatively straightforward, however, the latter is complicated as streaming websites tend not to release this data.

Amazon Prime has not yet officially announced the ratings for Clarkson’s Farm season one, with the platform tending not to release this information for any show or film.

However, it is known that the show reached the number one spot on the most-watched chart just days after release.

Clarkson’s Farm retained its top position on the chart for several days and remained in the top 10 for a couple of weeks. has reached out to Amazon Prime for further information on the ratings of the show.

Therefore, the best place to turn to is the user scores on the aggregate websites such as Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb.

Currently, Clarkson’s Farm boasts an impressive 100 percent audience score on the website, with every review giving the maximum five out of five score.

The series is similarly impressive on IMDb, with a rating of 9.2/10 from over 14,000 user reviews.

When it comes to the official reviews from critics, James Delingpole from The Spectator wrote: “It’s definitely worth it for the gloriously Clarksonish pay-off, which I’m not going to spoil because you must watch for yourself. Clarkson’s Farm is first-rate TV.”

Anita Singh with The Telegraph praised the series, noting Clarkson’s supposed change of character, she explained: “Clarkson’s gone soft, and it makes for surprisingly good viewing.”

However, not all critics were as so favourable, as The Guardian gave the series a one-star review. 

Critic Lucy Mangan wrote in her review: “For every Clarkson sucking up money, resources, time and publicity, there are other, newer, brighter, more entertaining, more valuable things not getting made.”

Clarkson’s staying true to form, hitting back at this review with some scathing criticism of his own.

In the star’s latest newspaper column in The Sun, he sarcastically wrote: “GREAT news – my new farming show has received a one-star review from the Guardian.

“This means you’ll almost ­certainly enjoy it.”

The review doesn’t appear to reflect the consensus of reaction on social media, with fans remaining desperate for an update on season two.

So far, Amazon Prime has not provided fans with any details on the potential of a follow-up season, however, it is still early days for any news regarding it.

Amazon typically don’t rush out to confirm another season for shows, so an update could come later in the year.

For now, fans are still enjoying season one, with many of them sharing their love of the series on Twitter.

One fan wrote: “Best thing on TV this year, Clarkson, large equipment, swearing and drink.  Supported by his fantastic assistants, including the wonders Kaleb and Gerald!”

“I’ve really enjoyed watching  Clarkson’s Farm on Amazon Prime and even got a little choked up at the end,” another added.

A third explained: “Clarkson’s Farm. Hilarious show so far. Great! #AmazonPrime.”

Clarkson’s Farm is available to watch exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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