Clint Eastwood ‘was intimating as hell and treated us like horses’ declares Tom Hanks

Sully- Miracle on the Hudson Teaser Trailer – Warner Bros. UK

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Clint Eastwood, who recently turned 92, continues to direct Hollywood movies following his early Western acting career. In more recent years his films have focused on shocking real-life events, including with Tom Hanks. In a previous interview, the Hollywood star said: “What’s it like working with Clint? He treats us like horses.”

Hanks starred in Sully: Miracle on the Hudson, which is on BBC One at 10:30pm tonight, the true story of the 2009 Hudson River plane crash, which saw the pilot save 155 lives.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live in a previous interview, Hanks said of working with the Hollywood legend: “It’s like, ‘Guess what, Mount Rushmore just came down from South Dakota’ and you’re working for him now.’ He’s so obviously the man when he comes on the set. You just want to please him. You don’t want to look him in the eye too long, because he gets that kinda, y’know [does Clint Eastwood squint stare] and you don’t want to experience that.” He and co-star Aaron Eckhart also soon realised he treated his actors like broncos.

Hanks explained: “Well, here’s the deal in other movies they make a big deal about ‘Action!’ Y’know, ‘Alright, start it up, get ready everybody we’re rolling, we’re rolling, we’re rolling…and everybody, stand by! AND… ACTION!’ That’s what most movies are like.”

Eastwood, on the other hand, would quietly raise his finger in a circle on Sully to signify “rolling” and everybody else on set would do that same thing.

The Sully star continued: “And then he’s standing right next to you and he says, ‘Okay, go ahead.’ And then you do it and maybe he’ll say, ‘Just take that again. Just do it one more time.’ And then you do it and he says, ‘Alright that’s enough of that.’ Hanks asked him what the deal was and where that came from.

Eastwood replied that when he was doing his early 1960s Western TV show Rawhide playing Rowdy Yates, he had all these old movie directors who just loved the megaphones and the attention and they would do that.

Hanks shared: “So he and all the other cast members of Rawhide were on their horses and they were supposed to have a conversation and that whole build-up to ‘ACTION!’ would make the horses [freak out and buckle]. So one day he just said in his inaudible way, ‘Is there any way that you could just, y’know, tell us to ‘go’ instead of saying ‘action’ so the horses won’t flee?’”

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Hanks added on The Graham Norton Show when telling the story: “When you’re in a Clint Eastwood movie, you don’t know the camera’s rolling, and you hear over your shoulder, ‘Alright, go ahead.’ You just keep doing it until you hear him say, ‘That’s enough of that.’ And then you move on to the next setup. It’s intimidating as hell.”

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