Colbert Remixes 'The Notebook' to Mock Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema Breakup (Video)

The ending is pretty much on point


If you’ve been paying attention to U.S. politics of late, you probably don’t need us to explain who Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema are. And you probably aren’t a fan either.

Neither is Stephen Colbert, who opened up Wednesday’s “The Late Show” with a cold open gag mocking them that repurposed footage from “The Notebook” that at minimum pretty much nailed Sinema’s whole thing.

Arizona Senator Sinema and West Virginia Senator Manchin are of course the primary obstacles to passage of President Joe Biden’s “build back better” agenda. First they’ve repeatedly broken the explicit promises they made about how the bill would be passed. Second, they’ve repeatedly changed goalposts for winning their support, often just before it looks like a deal would be reached.

Why do they do this? Who can say. But one interesting wrinkle was reported by Politico this week. Apparently the two who have until now been fairly united on their efforts to weaken the proposed bill as much as possible, even after massive compromises that see progressives giving up far more than Manchin and Sinema will, are breaking up, so to speak. According to Politico, Sinema might actually be on board with the bill now, for real, while Manchin is not.

Who knows if this will change, but it inspired Colbert’s cold open gag, which uses the footage of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams arguing about their future on a boat, but superimposes Sinema and Manchin’s faces. The conversation pretty much goes like it did in the hit 2004 movie — until Joe keeps asking Sinema what she wants. The boat goes over a waterfall and Sinema screams that she wants “attention.” We know. We know.

Watch the clip below:

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