Colbert Teleports into World of 'Veep' to Blame Julia Louis-Drefyus for Trump in Hilarious Crossover

Colbert draws brutally savage comparisons to the awful things Louis-Drefyus’ character has done to what’s happening in the real world.

A lost (okay, fake) scene that will probably not make it into the series finale of "Veep" this Sunday sees Stephen Colbert teleport right into Selena Meyers’ staff meeting to blame her for President Trump.

Virtually the entire cast of the hit HBO comedy led by Julia Louis-Drefyus took part in the farcical crossover sketch that saw Colbert literally step through a wormhole to confront the fictional characters.

And he showed up just as Louis-Drefyus’ Selena Meyer was saying something truly awful, as if to drive home the point Stephen would soon make.

"We have to give the American votes what they want," she said. "Like an unpopular minority that they can blame for all their problems."

"Very Hitler-esque ma’am," Gary Cole’s Kent responded.

"Yeah, but he had better people working for him."

It was into this world that Colbert dropped in desperately to plead. "My name is Stephen Colbert and I come from another dimension," he said to the baffled group. "The things that you’re doing on this earth then happen in my world, over and over again."

Of course they thought he was crazy, but he had examples: "Foul-mouthed president who tweets like a child, blaming everything on the Chinese, election interference, a completely moronic press secretary."

Finally they did recognize him, but apparently Colbert isn’t hosting "The Late Show" on their world, but is still remembered as "that guy with that show, ‘The CoCo Report.’"

When he tried to explain how he’d evolved past that "self-involved character I play like you people" and become David Letterman’s replacement on CBS, they just weren’t buying it.

"You’re telling me CBS hired ‘Where’s Waldo?’s pedophile brother?" Anna Chlumsky’s Amy laughed.

The whole sketch is brilliant satire, but perhaps the best thing about it is that save for that whole wormhole thing, it really felt like it could be a lost scene from "Veep." Everyone was totally committed to their roles and perfectly in character.

But what does that mean Colbert is really saying about the association between Selena Meyer and Donald Trump?

See how it all wraps up in the fictional world of "Veep" this Sunday at 10:50 p.m. ET on HBO.

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