Coronation Street ‘exit’ as Stephen Reid leaves Carla Barlow for dead

Coronation Street's Stephen Reid takes dark action against Carla Connor next week that could leave her dead.

Fans of the ITV soap will be horrified to hear that the factory boss' life is in serious danger. In official spoilers released by ITV, Stephen is planning to make Carla his third victim having already murdered builder Leo Thompkins and his father Teddy.

His plan to set her up and make her seem too unfit to run the factory, having been drugging her for weeks, and it soon escalates when he leaves her life on the line.

Stephen took aim at Carla recently after she showed him up in front of some old business associates.

The character was helping out at the factory and working in packing, but he'd made it seem to them that he was running the factory.

Since then, Carla has been furious with Stephen for trying to have a say in her business, and also trying to do deals behind her back while making it seem like he is in charge.

Stephen began drugging Carla last month with LSD in the hope she would show herself up at work, and appear unwell.

Carla went to see Dr Gaddas, describing how each time she’s suffered an episode, it feels like she’s tripping on drugs and Dr Gaddas prescribed her with diazepam.

However, with the American contingent due to visit the factory to finalise a big deal, she can’t afford to be ill.

When she later returns to the factory Stephen makes a dig about making sure she is on top form.

Carla retaliates by having him make tea for their American guests, so in revenge Stephen gives her a double dose.

As the meeting draws to a close and the LSD kicks in, Carla’s behaviour becomes erratic but the team are soon celebrating as they got the deal they wanted with the Americans.

Carla is struggling though, and she barks at the girls to get out of her factory – leaving Stephen thrilled with what he has done.

Struggling to cope, Carla concedes that she needs another chat with Dr Gaddas who suggests she takes an extended break and goes back on her antipsychotic drugs.

Having pocketed her keys from the factory, Stephen lets himself into the flat and checking Carla’s asleep, drops her keys back in her bag before heading into the kitchen and turning on the grill.

But will someone find Carla in time, or has Stephen just claimed his third murder victim after killing Leo and Teddy Thompkins in the past year?

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Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.


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