Coronation Street fans disgusted as Cathy accuses grieving Steve of stealing from dead son Oliver’s charity fund

CORONATION Street viewers are disgusted with Cathy Matthews after she trolled grieving dad Steve McDonald and accused him of stealing from Oliver’s charity fund.

The newsagent – who is played by actress Melanie Hill in the ITV soap – posted anonymous comments accusing Steve of spending the money on himself after she saw his wife Tracy shopping.

Viewers know Steve lost his son Oliver to mitochondrial disease last year and has thrown himself into raising money into research for the condition.

Cathy vented to Brian: “I see Tracy’s muscled her way in – it’s just typical of her, mouth almighty. 

“The way she spoke to me yesterday. It’s supposed to be about fundraising, honouring that poor little kid’s memory but she thinks she’s Kate Bush. 

“I went round there all keen to volunteer my services and she sent me away with a flea in my ear. Down right insulting. “

Later Cathy and Bernie spotted Tracy unloading shopping bags from the van – and she jumped to conclusions.

She raged to Bernie: “It’s annoying. Some of these comments are way over the top – listen to this, ‘God bless Steve and Tracy, you’ll get your reward in heaven.’”

And when Emma revealed Tracy and Steve were planning on a holiday in France, Cathy and Bernie questioned

“Shopping in that fancy boutique and planning a big fancy holiday – how can they afford it, that’s what I’d like to know,” Bernie said.

“And what happened to all that money they raised for treatment abroad? It’s outrageous, people giving in good faith – all that hard-earned cash. 

“I bet that they’ve pocketed the lot. You know what she’s like – that’s exactly the sort of stunt she’d pull.”

Cathy started typing on her phone – and it was clear she had been trolling the grieving couple.

She wrote: “Maybe someone should ask the family what this money’s actually being spent on? Research into the disease I don’t think so.”

Steve discovered Cathy’s comment and the others she sparked afterwards.

He was devastated: “There’s people here saying we’re ripping off Oliver’s fund. 

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“People will think there’s no smoke without fire. I’ve lost my son, who would think I’ve used his death to line my own pockets.”

Later Cathy overheard Amy telling Asha how awful the comments had been for Steve – but Cathy just stayed silent.

Viewers were disgusted with her behaviour.

One wrote: "Cathy, trolling people never works out well! Steve is raising money for his son who died :("

A second said: "Cathy you are sick sending them messages"

Another added: "Cathy seems very guilty"

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