Coronation Street fans distracted by ‘ripped’ Ronnie amid Debbie romance twist

Coronation Street fans were left beside themselves on Monday night, as Ronnie Bailey revealed his impressive muscles while entertaining Debbie Webster in the pub.

Fans are even predicting a love triangle involving Ronnie, Debbie, and Jenny Connor – who had previously been caught up in an affair with Ronnie while married to Johnny.

Ronnie was entertaining the two women with stories in The Rovers Return, wearing a khaki polo shirt which revealed his huge arm muscles – and Jenny was clearly becoming more and more jealous of Debbie as they appeared to flirt.

Hordes of overwhelmed fans immediately flocked to Twitter to air their thoughts, with one writing: "Ronnie's arms are as big as my thighs!"

Another wrote: "Ronnie is fit as!"

"Look at Ronnie's arms! Wow, they're huge! This man lifts! #Corrie," someone else gushed.

Other fans were busy predicting romance between Ronnie and Debbie, as one theorised: "I can see Ronnie with Debbie! #Corrie."

"Is Deb going to get it on with Ronnie?" another wondered, as a third penned: "Is Jenny jealous there with Debbie and Ronnie?"

It certainly seemed that way, as Debbie teased Jenny: "I can think of worse people to get into bed with."

But business-brained Debbie was up to her usual tricks, as she framed Ronnie as making an offer on the Bistro to combat Leanne and Nick's going in at 50% ownership.

She pretended to pocket dial Leanne so that she could hear Ronnie pretending to lay out his offer, after a bit of coaching him on what to say.

But savvy Nick and Leanne had Debbie's scheme pegged from the start, as they figured out she just wanted them to make a higher offer – and prepared to low-ball her instead.

Afterwards, Debbie did enquire to Ronnie as to whether he would consider throwing his hat in the ring and taking on the Bistro as an investment, but he declined – meaning it's looking ever more likely that Nick and Leanne will get back in on their old haunt.

Elsewhere on Monday, Fiz was in a jail cell when it appeared her ex-fiancé Tyrone had come in with some new information as to who set the fire in the flat he shares with Alina.

He confessed to police that it was Fiz's daughter Hope Stape who had stolen the keys to sneak into the flat and set the unborn baby's cot alight – potentially causing Alina to miscarry her son.

Fiz was left terrified that Hope would be institutionalised and have her life ruined.

Fans have mixed feelings about the revelation, with some hoping it will finally get Hope the help she needs.

"At least now Hope can get some real outside help from actual professionals who know what they're doing," someone posted on Twitter.

Another echoed: "Tyrone's taken a long time learning the art of common sense!"

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