Coronation Street fans mortified as Emma Brooker drops racy sex confession on dad Steve

CORONATION Street viewers were left squirming in their seats as Emma Brooker divulged details of her sex life – with her dad.

The bubbly character felt the need to spell everything out as she explained to the cabbie how her man, Curtis Delamere, had spent the night – "and I don't mean on the couch."

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Simon Gregson's character, all too aware of the direction in which the conversation was going, covered his face as he squealed: "Oh!"

Unaware, Emma continued: "We slept together," to which her embarrassed dad retorted: "Yeah, you don't need to spell it out!"

Though Alexandra Mardell's much-loved Coronation Street character clearly felt she did and gushed how the medical student had "kept her up all night."

Steve rounded off the awkward conversation by pleading: "Oh for crying out loud."

There are some things a father would rather not know,"

Fans quickly reacted to her OTT confession and one wrote: "Tell me Steve isn’t being uncomfortable about his grown up daughter (whom he didn’t raise) having sex.. #Corrie."

Another added: "Emma talking to her dad about her love life is just wrong."

One then posted: "There are some things a father would rather not know."

Another agreed and added: "You don't need to tell your dad that Emma."


It came after soap fans called out Curtis' beard amid an image continuity error.

The character, who has a life-threatening heart condition, appeared in scenes with partner Emma as well as her father in Monday evening's double bill.

Sam Retford's character appeared dramatically different in both ITV episodes, courtesy of his facial hair.

While he was sporting stubble during drinks with a pal in the Bistro, it was noticeably absent when he went to his flat.

Yet his beard magically reappeared a little later on.


Fans were left heartbroken during the episode as Curtis dumped Emma without telling her about his illness.

Curtis had been caught having a drink with a woman – with Emma’s dad Steve assuming he was cheating on his daughter.

But after Steve jumped to the wrong conclusions – Curtis admitted cheating, falsely.

And he broke up with Emma, telling her: “You’re amazing, you really are but I don’t think we’re right for each other. 

“Last night was incredible, it’s just made things even more difficult. Emma, please. 

“I already hate myself enough as it is. I just want to be honest with you, it’s not going to work and I don’t want you getting in even deeper because I’m just going to let you down. 

“It’s better we end things now.”

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