Coronation Street fans rejoice as Todd is FINALLY exposed in incriminating video evidence

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Coronation Street fans were left rejoicing on Wednesday's episode after Todd Grimshaw was finally exposed on the cobbles and later arrested for suspicion of theft.

Only recently, Will secretly filmed Todd (Gareth Pierce) unknowingly confessing to splitting up Billy and Paul, as well as "nicking" the heat pump which resulted in Paul being wrongly arrested.

And during the episode, Todd, Billy and Summer all attended an outdoor screening event for Weatherfield's charity calendar which involved behind-the-scenes footage.

As the video started to play, it soon became clear that someone had switched the footage and it was in fact the video of Todd confessing to his crimes where he admitted to deliberately splitting up Billy and Paul.

Starting to panic as his crimes were played out to Weatherfield's residents, as well as Billy and Summer, Todd shouted: "Press pause, turn it off" but the video continued to play.

After running to pull out the laptop from playing any more, the damage was already done as Billy fumed: "Tell me it's not true… don't insult my intelligence, how could you? How could you be so cruel?" as he told him to "stay away".

Todd refused to apologise for his crimes, saying: "Sorry is for wimps, look at the length I went to, it proves I love you," to which Billy replied: "No, it proves you're a psychopath."

Prior to this, Will had tried to warn Summer about Todd by revealing all of his crimes and saying: "You need to know what sort of scumbag Billy is marrying!"

Yet she refused to listen, accusing him of being "jealous" as she stormed out of the café and later she gently asked Todd whether the allegations were true, to which he started laughing.

Lying and covering his tracks, he said: "I must admit, it's a bit far-fetched? Do me a favour and stay away from this Will from now on, kid sounds like a wrecking ball!"

While a frustrated Will also sent the footage to Paul in a bid to make sure Todd went down, but the character was seen ignoring the message on his phone.

However, it appears that Will did in fact watch the footage as he was seen standing by the laptop as the evidence played out on screen.

Viewers were quick to celebrate Todd's downfall as they took to Twitter to rejoice over the character finally being exposed for his crimes.

One person said: "God that scene of Todd’s crimes being exposed was so worth the wait, bless you @itvcorrie #Corrie."

A different account put: "Yasss @ Todd finally getting exposed omg #Corrie."

Another follower commented: "It feels so good to see Todd get caught. Now run back to Paul Billy and live happily ever #Corrie.

While a different fan added: "Todd finally getting his comeuppance is SO goddamn satisfying!! #Corrie."

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Coronation Street fans had previously predicted that Will's video footage would be the key to his downfall after secretly setting up his mobile phone in the undertakers.

Coronation Street continues on ITV.

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