Coronation Street fans ‘work out’ real Beth and Hope slap

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Hope (played by Isabella Flanagan) recently found her chinchilla, Cilla, dead and blamed Kirk Sutherland (Andy Whyment) and Beth Tinker’s (Lisa George) dog Peanut. Promising to avenge her death, she accused the dog of biting her on Monday night leading Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) and Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) to claim the dog needed to be put to sleep.

During Wednesday night’s episode, there was an altercation which broke out between Beth and Hope, which fans think they have gotten to the bottom of.

In recent scenes, her lies finally caught up to her when Tyrone caught her sneaking out of the back garden with the stuffed weasel she stole from David Platt’s (Jack P Shepherd’s) barbershop.

As she went to leave their house, Tyrone came running out and asked: “Where has that come from? And what are you doing with it?

“Why have you got David Platt’s weasel? Tell me you haven’t robbed it. Believe it or not, he is very fond of that moth-beaten old thing.”

Making another lie, she expressed: “Sam [Blakeman] borrowed it for me and I was going to take it back that’s all. You wouldn’t let me get a word in.”

However, Tyrone didn’t believe what his daughter was saying and demanded she tell the truth.

Before she left for school, Tyrone realised Hope had taken her bandages off where Peanut had allegedly bitten her, before figuring out she had used the weasel statue to hurt herself.

Telling the truth for once, she explained: “I had to make it look real. Peanut killed Cilla the chinchilla, I was avenging her death.”

Later in the factory, Fiz approached Kirk and Beth, to tell the truth about what Hope did and attempted to apologise.

“This whole Peanut thing has been a massive mistake, it turns out that Peanut didn’t bite Hope after all. Apparently, it was some horrid and stupid prank.

“I have phoned the police and I have explained to them that it has all been a misunderstanding and as far as they’re concerned they are happy that that is the end of it now.”

Beth later confronted Hope in the street but determined to avenge Cilla, Hope exclaimed: “You should be apologising to me too.

“My Cilla is dead. Your stupid little dog is still alive.”

As the dog drama continued, Hope came home in tears and revealed Beth had slapped her in the face out on the street.

Stunned at the allegation, Fiz and Tyrone confronted Beth about the incident, but she strongly denied the whole thing.

However, some fans have claimed Hope was telling the truth and Beth had lashed out at the youngster.

@pam_debeauvoir theorised: “Hope, the girl who cried wolf….but this time she could actually be telling the truth.”

@theypd suspected: “Beth’s done this like,” to which @TJScaverton agreed: “Why do I actually believe Hope about Beth slapping her.”

@k_heyrab wrote: “Hope could be telling the truth this time but she has told fibs so many time.”

However, not all viewers believed Hope’s story, as @MeeshyJay tweeted: “Hope the fire-starting little murderer wouldn’t know what the truth was if it slapped her in the face.”

@tellyaddict40 echoed: “Hope needs locking up, same old nonsense.”

@VampLover27 raged: “Omg Hope you lying s***… That’s Beth getting arrested then.” (sic)

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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