Coronation Street hit by Ofcom complaints from fans calling show ‘racist’ after Sarah calls Adam ‘a smug Scottish git’

CORONATION Street has been hit by 59 Ofcom complaints from fans accusing the show of racism.

The backlash came after Sarah Platt called Adam Barlow a "smug Scottish git" as they clashed on the cobbles.

The broadcast regulator said: "The complaints were about a discriminative comment made by Sarah Platt."

The race row erupted after the factory manager – who is played by Tina O’Brien – caught Adam chatting up one of her workers.

She found him speaking to Alina Pop in the street and shouted: "You think you're so clever? You're not, you're a stupid smug, Scottish git."

Some viewers were offended by the comment and accused the soap of “casual racism”.

One wrote: "Well thats the Scottish audience switching off #casualracism."

A second said: "You know that referring to someone's national origins as an insult or reason to deny something has been held to be racist, Sarah Platt?! #ScottishGit."

Another added: “Corrie why did you need to include 'Scottish' in Sarah's rant? 

“Was 'Stupid, Smug, Git' not enough? Wonder how many more Scottish references you’re going to throw in #RacistCorrie.”

"Scottish git, skatin on thin ice there Sarah," warned another.

Another commented: "Oooh I think that was a bad decision with the Corrie script tonight. 

"Sarah calling Adam a smug Scottish Git is not cool, should have just stuck with a smug git".

However, others were left applauding Sarah for putting Adam in his place and hit back at the accusations of racism.

One wrote: "So calling a Scottish person Scottish now is racist? F*****g get a grip, it undermines actual, real, offensive racism.

"Do these people get paid for making a career out of being offended! #Corrie”

Another added: ”’Stupid smug Scottish git’ funniest line I've heard in a soap in year's. #Corrie.”

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