Coronation Street horror as Hope Stape attacks Joseph Brown as she returns to school?

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Hope’s (played by Amelia Flanagan) mother Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) has been behind her daughter, believing the best place for her to be is at home with her family in Weatherfield. But some Coronation Street residents remain concerned about troubled Hope being back home, including Fiz’s brother Chesney Brown (Sam Aston). Hope has become violent towards his son Joseph (William Flanagan) in the ITV soap in the past, and knows what the schoolgirl can be like. So when Hope is set to return to school in upcoming episodes, he warns his sister that Hope needs to stay away from her cousin. But with the 10-year-old lashing out a lot recently, could she spitefully harm Joseph after finding out what Chesney has said?

Fiz is aware that her daughter is in need of help, but was adamant being at home and having the support of her family would be best for her.

But both her and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) have been concerned about Hope’s lack of remorse.

When the two explained to their daughter the police were aware of the fire, Tyrone explained: “When the police ask you about the fire, you need to tell them that you are really, really sorry.”

“It was an accident,” the schoolgirl protested but Tyrone replied: “Alina ended up in hospital.”

But Hope didn’t appear bothered, sighing: “She’s fine!”

She cruelly added: “Anyway, it doesn’t matter about the cot now there’s no baby to put in it.”

She told her parents she wasn’t sorry before rushing out of the room.

It’s clear Hope doesn’t regret her actions and Fiz has been left terrified she has taken after her murderous father John Stape (Graeme Hawley).

Official spoilers reveal Alina (Ruxandra Porojnicu) will inform Tyrone she’s arranged a call with her parents so they can discuss arrangements for their trip.

However they’re interrupted by Fiz, who reveals they need to collect Hope from school as she’s not settling in.

After some gentle persuasion, Hope agrees to return to school.

In future scenes, Chesney is shocked to hear his niece is back at school after what she has done.

He makes it clear he doesn’t want hope anywhere near son Joseph.

But Hope has a habit of listening into her parents’ conversations, could she be eavesdropping?

If so, Hope is bound to be furious and out for revenge.

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She has hurt Joseph before, leaving Chesney and Gemma Winter (Dolly-Rose Campbell) furious.

But now she’s shown she is capable of real damage, Chesney is understandably worried about his son.

Hope doesn’t normally take kindly to being talked about, so if she does overhear Chesney voicing his concerns, she will probably lash out.

After being persuaded to go back into school, Hope might decide to hurt her cousin.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if Fiz got another call from the school to ask her to pick her violent daughter up.

Could she seriously injure Joseph? Even if Fiz agreed to keep her away from him, she can’t control Hope while she’s at school.

If she comes across Joseph, she may decide to attack him.

Last time she did, he was badly hurt, so it’s possible he could need medical attention or even a visit to hospital.

Chesney and Gemma won’t take this news lightly – could they ask Fiz to take Hope out of the school?

She may have the option of placing Hope in a different school, but how will Hope take this?

Elsewhere, Tyrone is feeling conflicted about remaining on the cobbles to support his family amid Hope’s actions.

Alina wants to take a break with him to Romania, but Tyrone knows he is probably needed to support Fiz.

When Tyrone reveals to Fiz that Alina has booked the trip, Fiz asserts he should go as he deserves a break.

The father is left torn as he knows Alina needs a break after losing their baby, but remains terrified about his daughter.

Coronation Street continues on Wednesday 7.30pm on ITV.

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