Coronation Street quiz questions and answers: 15 questions for your Corrie home pub quiz

There has been more drama on those Weatherfield cobbles than the rest of the north of England combined. Coronation Street has been showing on ITV for six decades and it doesn’t look like it’s going to be stopping any time soon. So are you the Norris Cole among your friends and family, knowing everybody’s business on the show? has got 15 quiz questions and the answers to find out.

Coronation Street quiz questions

1) Who did Fizz’s husband John Stape have an affair with in 2007?
2) What is Dev’s kebab shop called?
3) When did Hilda Ogden leave Coronation Street?
4) Who died in the 2010 tram crash?
5) How many times has Rita Tanner been married?


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6) What happened to the Rovers Return in 1979?
7) Who stabbed Kylie Platt to death on the cobbles in 2016?
8) What colour was Becky Granger’s wedding dress when she married Steve McDonald?
9) What was the retirement complex called where Ken Barlow and Norris Cole lived before Ken decided to go back to Coronation Street?
10) In 2003, who did Tracy claimed she had slept with and was the father of her unborn child to win a bet?

11) What is the name of Kirk and Beth’s pet sausage dog?
12) How did Peter and Susan’s mum Valerie Barlow die in 1971?
13) How many children does Eileen Grimshaw have?
14) Which one of Carla Connor’s ex-husband’s kidnapped her in 2010?
15) What was the name of Yasmeen’s chicken who husband Geoff killed and served to her as dinner?

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Coronation Street quiz answers

1) Rosie Webster
2) Prima Doner
3) Christmas Day, 1987
4) Ashley Peacock, Molly Dobbs and an unnamed taxi driver
5) Three

6) A lorry crashed into it
7) Clayton Hibbs
8) Pink
9) Still Waters
10) Roy Cropper


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11) Peanut
12) She was electrocuted by a hairdryer
13) Two – Todd and Jason Grimshaw
14) Tony Gordon
15) Charlotte
Coronation Street continues tomorrow, Friday, May 8, at 7.30pm on ITV.

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