Coronation Street spoilers: Cobbles rocked as Seb Franklin's murder trial verdict is in

THE trial for Sebastian Franklin's murder is about to conclude and the verdict is in – but will justice be served?

The trial for Seb's murder continues as Kelly Neelan takes the witness box.

She tells the court how Corey Brent attacked Seb and kicked him repeatedly, despite her begging him to stop.

Sabeen suggests she attacked Seb in order to impress Corey.

Kelly's mum Laura takes the stand, claiming Kelly is a model daughter and would never have hurt Seb – but has she done enough for Kelly?

As the trial comes to an end, Imran and Sabeen deliver their closing speeches.

Despairing, Abi yells at the jury not to believe Corey. 

With the jury out Imran is still fighting to prove Kelly’s innocence, while Abi is desperate to unmask Corey for the killer he is.

Abi intends to find some hard proof that Stefan bribed a witness, but Kevin wishes she’d just leave it to Imran.

Back in court the verdict is in, will justice be served? And back on the street the residents discuss the verdict.

Meanwhile, there is some shocking news from the prison.

Talking about Kelly's trail, actress Millie Gibson said: "At first she’s optimistic, but as the trial goes on she realises that the odds are stacked against her due to her upbringing, against Corey with his dad’s wealth, his full legal team and his privileged background.

"She is a bit scared of Corey, but she’s also infuriated to see his smug face. The way he’s telling all these lies to the court and trying to look all innocent.

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"She goes mad at one point which really doesn’t help her chances, but it all just gets on top of her and she can’t contain herself."

Millie added: "Kelly’s so desperate at this point, she’s hasn’t got anyone, then she can see Corey surrounded by his dad, a team of lawyers, a football club that are all helping defend him.

"She’s so grateful to Imran and Toyah but they’re not blood so when her mum offers her her help she just jumps at the opportunity to have someone else in her corner.

"For people to actually see her vulnerability, her depression over what
happened and her heartbreak will be really interesting.

"Because even though you may not like Kelly when you see that villainous turn on a teenager from Corey you feel for her too in the end."

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