Coronation Street spoilers: Jenny Connor shocked as secret stepdaughter Daisy turns up at the Rovers

JENNY Connor is shocked as her secret stepdaughter Daisy turns up at the Rovers. 

It doesn’t turn out to be the best time for a family reunion as Johnny is arrested on suspicion of burglary and GBH.

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Corrie viewers know that Johnny has been hiding the dark secret that he left a security guard to die in a botched robbery that he and Scott committed years ago.

Haunted by the past after Scott rocked up on the cobbles earlier this year, Johnny headed down to his former neighbourhood and bumped into an elderly woman called Margaret.

When she asked him why he was hanging around her house, Johnny asked after Grant – the security guard – who used to live there.

Margaret then revealed that her son died an alcoholic years ago after surviving a terrible robbery – much to Johnny’s dismay.

Next week’s episodes of Coronation Street will see Johnny have a heart-to-heart with Jenny.

He tells her that seeing alcoholic Peter suffer a relapse has reminded him of the suffering he caused Grant.

Jenny tells Johnny he should try and move on.

But later, Carla finds Jenny in tears and quizzes her about what’s going on. 

When Jenny tells her everything about Johnny’s past, Carla goes to talk to Johnny, telling him they’ve both done things they regret. 

Later, Margaret calls at the Rovers and tells Jenny she’s the mother of the security guard who was injured in the hit and run, leading a horrified Johnny to confess he was responsible for her son’s death.

Jenny begs Margaret not to go to the police and tells her he suffers from MS, but Margaret storms off without reassuring Jenny. 

Later, Jenny tells Johnny that her step-daughter Daisy has called and she and her boyfriend are visiting for lunch. 

But Johnny announces he wants a divorce.

When the lunch still goes ahead, Johnny does his best to sabotage it, telling Daisy about Aidan’s death and his affair with Liz.

Later, Jenny insists that Daisy and Lee stay for dinner. 

But Johnny can’t take it anymore and a furious row interrupts between the pair. 

They’re interrupted, however, when a police officer arrives and arrests Johnny on suspicion of burglary and GBH.

Could Johnny be looking at prison time?

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