Coronation Street’s Peter Barlow and Spider Nugent brawl in ‘dramatic’ episode

It's all kicking off on Coronation Street!

Our exclusive photos show the moment Peter Barlow loses his cool in a violent brawl.

The alcoholic, played by Chris Gascoigne, clashes with a protester but Spider Nugent (Martin Hancock) wades in to break it up.

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A show insider said: “Peter is not good at controlling his temper. The fight turns nasty and Spider has to intervene to stop him. It’s all very dramatic. It’s going to be a very exciting episode.”

The scenes will air on the ITV soap later this year, with plenty more action to keep viewers hooked this autumn.

Martin, who has reprised his role as the eco-warrior nephew of Emily Bishop, is promising his storylines will be must see TV. He said: “I was surprised when I found out what is coming up. I thought I was just coming back to open a mung bean shop.”

Martin, 53, has had the stamp of approval from viewers since he returned to the show – and he gets plenty of supportive messages online. He said: “It’s been really nice. It’s not been as abusive as the first time around, so far!

“People have been very, very kind. People are really happy to see him back.”

It comes as Georgia Taylor has hinted at a lengthy prison stint for her character Toyah Habeeb over the murder of her husband Imran, telling Daily Star: "I’ve said all along I really want a prison storyline because I just think it looks like so much fun.

"Now the thing is, it could go one of two ways. Because Toyah’s got this counselling background, she could become someone that the fellow inmates come to and she’s very supportive of them, or she could be bullied massively.

"I can see her getting bullied – she’d need to find some of that Battersby spirit to get through time in prison, I would say. If that were to happen, I think the writers could feasibly go either way with it."

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.


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