Coronation Street’s Stephen Reid kills again as next victim confirmed

Coronation Street: Stephen Reid commits second murder

Since arriving on the cobbles last year, Canadian businessman Stephen Reid (played by Todd Boyce) quickly became Coronation Street’s soap villain. He’s already got away with killing both Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost) and his dad Teddy (Grant Burgin) and in scenes set to air next week, he strikes again.

Over the past few weeks, Stephen has set his sights on being in charge of the Underworld factory as he tried to oust Carla Connor (Alison King) from her role.

Drugging her tea, the killer has been plotting to make the boss look as though her psychosis has returned in a bid to take over.

Although his scheme was going to plan after she admitted herself to a psychiatric clinic following a fire at her flat, caused by Stephen, it all got slightly complicated when Rufus Donahue (Steve Meo) started blackmailing him.

Aware of the spiking, Rufus demanded Stephen end the contract with Americans Owen and Angelique or else he’d tell everyone about what he’s been doing to Carla.

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After agreeing to the deal, all seemed to be back on track for Stephen until Michael Bailey (Ryan Russell) got involved.

The worker managed to get the Americans to up their original offer which meant Stephen had no choice but to accept and offer Rufus 10 percent of the profits made to keep him quiet.

However, knowing the killer was in no position to negotiate, he demanded it is upped to 25 percent instead, which Stephen had to begrudgingly agree to.

In scenes set to air next week, Stephen’s luck is changing when he learns the Gazette are going to do a piece on the Nippersnapper deal with Ronnie Bailey (Vinta Morgan) reminding him Michael deserves some of the credit.

When Michael suggests joining the meeting between Stephen and Rufus, the killer agrees but tries to keep them separate not wanting any revelations to come to light.

As the worker heads out to get a tea, Rufus tells Stephen he’s changed his mind on how much he wants from the profits and 25 percent isn’t enough.

Telling him that 50 percent would suffice, Stephen reels but has no other option than to accept.

Later on, Rufus bumps into Michael on the street and is so impressed with the worker he offers him a job at his London office.

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During the interview with the reporter from the Gazette, Michael grows increasingly annoyed that Stephen is overlooking his work and storms out.

When the businessman tries to order Michael back to work, he takes great pleasure in revealing he’s leaving after Rufus’ job offer.

Going to see his new boss, Michael calls for Rufus at his house but doesn’t get a response after ringing the doorbell, despite hearing loud music inside.

Leaving him a voicemail, he still doesn’t get an answer and soon regrets his decision on leaving Underworld.

Going back to Stephen, he asks if he can stay but the killer snaps it’s too late and Nina Lucas (Mollie Gallagher) is his new Head of Design.

When Ronnie suggests Michael try to get in contact with Rufus again, he heads over to his house, although he’s stunned to discover police are swarming the place.

Speaking to the housekeeper, she reveals that Rufus is dead and she was the person who found his body in the swimming pool.

Michael reels in shock at the sudden death, however, the surprises don’t end there as Stephen decides to take him back on as Junior manager.

Will Stephen’s attempt to keep Michael on his sweet side distract him from the truth? Or will Michael grow suspicious of Stephen’s behaviour after Rufus’ sudden death?

Coronation Street continues Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITVX and ITV1 from 8pm

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