Corrie fans gobsmacked by 'amazing' performances in acid attack scenes

Coronation Street fans have been left horrified by traumatic and violent scenes which saw Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) left brutally injured in an acid attack.

Opinions have been divided after the soap announced that stalker Justin (Andrew Still) would target Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) in the attack, after being rejected and reported by her.

On her wedding day, Daisy was confronted by sick Justin, but as he launched the corrosive substance, Ryan intervened and was left in agony.

The episode focused on the aftermath of the attack, with Ryan left badly burned and a terrified Daisy trying to minimise the damage by soaking him with cold water in the shower.

His shrill screams will be long etched into the memories of viewers, with the topical episode leaving a lasting impression.

Many rightly praised the raw performances of Ryan Prescott and Charlotte Jordan.

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‘I had no idea it would be something so gritty because Ryan is usually in the more humorous elements of the show, to have something that serious.

‘I was excited, to be honest.’

And the actor confirmed a long term aftermath following the attack.

‘It’ll change his life forever,’ he declared. It will change the way he interacts with the world and the recovery.

The difficulty within thew parameters of soap is to show some kind of reality that comes with the longevity of what it means to be an acid attack survivor. The recovery period is so long, if not lifelong.

‘It’s psychotherapy, physiotherapy for many years if not the rest of your life. PTSD, trauma therapy, learning the simple things of dealing with people looking at you in the street.

‘There’s a whole phase of trying to accept that people are going to react differently to you now. Your face is the first thing you look at when you get up in the morning and look in the mirror.

‘It’s your first means of communication, the thing you most readily identify with yourself. When that changes, everything changes.

‘Despite the massive shift that the incident causes, he is determined to not let it define who he is. He is trying to find his way back to the infectious spirit, but it’s a long road.’

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