Corrie fans’ heartbreak as Tim ‘ruins relationship with Sally’ by bedding Gina

There are few inevitabilities in life but one of them is that a usually faithful soap character will at some point show a moment of weakness and change their life forever.

Tim Metcalfe has been the reliable husband to an incarcerated Sally in Coronation Street and stood with her as she fought unsuccessfully against a fraud charge.

The stresses and strains of the court case and with Sally behind bars, Tim is struggling to hold it together, turning to sister-in-law Gina as a shoulder to cry on.

Of course, there comes a point when crying on a shoulder becomes kissing on lips and despite viewers seeing Tim falling into the arms of Gina from a mile off, it still hit fans of the soap hard when it actually happened.

The sight of Tim leading Gina up the stairs and clambering into bed together while Sally’s phone call was left unanswered, was heartbreaking and Twitter was flooded by those who found it too much.

One tweeted: "Can’t believe what tim and gina are doing to sally"

What is happening to Tim and Sally has deeply upset another: "There are millions of unforgivable things that Corrie has recently done, but ruining the once brilliant Tim and the relationship between him and Sally is one that they will not get away with. How could they do that?!

This was a common theme, as others bemoaned another marriage going down the drain.

One fan tweeted: "Why do they always have to ruin the best couples! Sally and Tim were my faves!"

This was echoed by others: "Sally and Tim always seemed genuinely in love and were a great comic pair at times. I hate seeing that destroyed."

One Weatherfield fan questioned: "Why do they always have to ruin the best couples! Sally and Tim were my faves! "

Another viewer summed up the feeling by tweeting a simple, "My heart is breaking," with broken heart emojis.

It is only what we are all feeling.

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