Corrie star reveals 'polar opposite' romance for Daisy

Troublesome newcomer Daisy could be set for a surprising romance if Coronation Street bosses pursue their original plans for the character as Charlotte Jordan, who plays the mischief maker, has teased that her love interest may be her ‘polar opposite’.

In a chat with, the former Free Rein star smiled: ‘Daisy would flirt with anything with a pulse. I do know there’s someone they might be putting her with and they are her polar opposite so it would be a very interesting dynamic.’

When I suggested Roy Cropper could be a contender, she laughed: ‘Imagine! I’d be so down for that, I’d love to work with him!’

One other person that Charlotte is loving sharing scenes with is Sally Ann Matthews, who plays her mother figure Jenny.

Charlotte enthused: ‘I just love her – I really do! She’s so, so good! I met her at a screentest, which are always horrible situations and she had such a lovely air about her and she calmed me down and was so nice. And she is such a great laugh! She’s brilliant! And there is more drunk Jenny coming, which is amazing!’

But Daisy could be bringing trouble to Jenny’s door as she sets out to split her from Johnny (Richard Hawley) – by setting her up with a dashing new man.

Charlotte explained: ‘In Daisy’s defence, don’t get me wrong, I think her methods are wrong, but all she knows about Johnny is the criminal past and that dinner party was hardly wedded bliss.

‘It comes from a place of love but Daisy thinks Jenny deserves better and she doesn’t just have to settle for this. Every time she hears from Johnny she comes back miserable and down and she hates seeing that.

‘Daisy takes the bull by the horns and wants to show Jenny she has options. She thinks she can do better and this guy provides something different. Jenny is flattered when he catches her eye but she thinks Daisy interferes too much and will put her in her place.

‘But because of their past, Jenny will let her get away with quite a lot as she has a lot of guilt around leaving her. So Daisy could get away with all sorts of things!’

Charlotte joined the show at a time when Covid measures were in place and while she admits that it is unusual, she hasn’t let it dilute her experience.

She grinned: ‘It’s been lovely, everyone’s been very welcoming and I feel very settled. You can only really have two or three characters in a scene at the most and I know there used to be crowd scenes and party scenes. But honestly it’s a lovely place to work, I am enjoying it and I am learning a lot and in the future, I’ve got all that to look forward to.

‘The breakdown of the character was really in depth which was nice because sometimes you only get a shot in the dark. So she was sold as bubbly and comes across as sugar and spice but she has an edge. It’s a great character to play, she is fun and interesting. She says some outrageous things, some of the things are ridiculous! So there’s some real comedy and drama potential.

‘Everyone knows Coronation Street, it’s an institution so I am thrilled to be a part of it. I am so lucky to have a supportive network whatever role I get but my partner’s parents are big Corrie fans so they were thrilled and already had me on missions to get autographs and all the gossip!’

That would be so us, to be fair.

Fans seem to have taken a liking to Daisy and Charlotte is chuffed, though reveals that she tries to avoid reading too much reaction so that it doesn’t get under her skin.

She explained: ‘I am on Instagram more than Twitter but I don’t search for it. I tend not to play nice characters – I don’t know what that says about me! But I don’t want reactions to impact how I play her and as a person, I have this weird need to be liked. So I see some things but I tend to avoid it where I can; I don’t seek it out.

‘But it’s nice to know that some people find her refreshing as Corrie has had some heavy stuff recently. Down the line, it would be great, the dream, to tackle a big story.

‘That’s what’s so great about Corrie is that you can bring in a character with humour, mischief and everything and down the line, they can be at the centre of some real gritty drama so you get to showcase so many sides of what you do.’

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