Corrie’s Curtis’ secret to be exposed by face from the past amid wedding plans

Coronation Street fans have been clamouring to work out Curtis Delamere's secret since actor Sam Retford first appeared on the cobbles.

And now it seems his past is about to be exposed as his wedding plans to Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell) get underway, with the pair planning a winter wedding with dad Steve's (Simon Gregson) help.

Coronation Street spoilers have revealed that Curtis is set to admit that he has nobody in the world apart from Emma.

As the duo discuss potential wedding venues with Debbie, Curtis explains that it will only be a small ceremony as he doesn't get on with his family, and his only mates are abroad.

Money troubles soon surface for the pair, as Curtis confides in Emma that he knows his hospital treatment will be costly – another reason to scale back their dream wedding.

Emma, meanwhile, confides in dad Steve that she's planning to surprise her fiancé by secretly inviting his family to the wedding in order for them to make amends.

Curtis is left disheartened by his hospital appointment. When he finds out that Emma has been in touch with his family and invited them for the wedding, he's not happy.

Emma, meanwhile, tells nurse Aggie that Curtis made the decision to drop out of medical school. Aggie later quizzes Curtis over his decision but he refuses to discuss it, and explains that he's more concerned about his appointment with the specialist.

He leaves Emma in the waiting room as he heads in to see the doctor.

Returning from the doctor, Curtis informs Emma that although his condition is very serious, the consultant is confident that it can be managed.

But back on the street, Neville arrives – and explains that he's Curtis' dad, leaving Emma gobsmacked as he's previously informed her that his dad is dead.

Curtis quickly covers his tracks and makes out that Neville is really his stepdad. Neville is pained to realise Curtis told Emma that he's dead, but goes along with the lie to keep the peace.

Later, Emma offers to speak to Curtis' mum and explain to her how ill her son is to see if she'll come to the wedding – but a furious Curtis snaps at his fiancée.

What is Curtis hiding? Fans will have to wait and see…

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 7:30pm

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