Corrie’s Max ‘to split David and Shona up’ as fans predict heartache for couple

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Coronation Street fans are terrified that David and Shona Platt could be set to split in a sinister plot devised by their son Max Turner.

Max has been up to no good of late, between spiking Amy Barlow's drink and feuding with teacher Daniel Osbourne – but could he also have it in for his parents after being forced to go to a pupil referral unit?

Although neither David or Shona are Max's biological mum and dad, they've been there for him through some pretty tough times after the death of his mum Kylie and trouble with his rapist dad Callum.

But with Shona star Julia Goulding revealing her pregnancy at the British Soap Awards, fans realise her character will likely be written out for her maternity leave.

Taking to Reddit with their theories, one user said: "Julia Goulding is pregnant again. Last time she was sent to the hospital for an extended stay. How do you think they'll handle it this time?

"Perhaps she'll take Max to see his Aunt Becky. That would be a nice break for the viewers."

But someone else predicted something more sinister, as they penned: "Probably Max takes it in his head to split Shona and David up, he succeeds and Shona goes away for a few months but then David find out about his ruse, and reunites with her."

"Sounds likely. I can see Shona getting fed up with David's soft approach to Max's horrendous behaviour. Or maybe Shona sets off to find Lily LOL," another fan joked.

Another avid fan suggested Shona might actually end up in prison for the length of her maternity leave, writing: "So long as she doesn't get amnesia again! We don't know her family outside of David and Clayton.

"I wonder if she'll commit some sort of crime which'll end with her having to do a couple months inside or be accused of something she didn't do, then build for a big comeback story."

A fifth fan quipped: "Probably have an affair, run off with whoever, come back in a year and then come back to be quickly forgiven by David and be back to normal in a week."

It comes after Julia revealed her pregnancy by cradling her baby bump on the red carpet this weekend, telling OK! Magazine that she found it difficult to keep it a secret.

She told the publication: "It's been quite hard to keep it secret and they've dug out my maternity clothes from three years ago, so it's all systems go again."

Discussing concealing her baby bump, she added: "It's generally up to the director or costume department to sort of try and conceal it a bit. Obviously, I'm not as big, I'm used to being a lot bigger when I had [first son] Franklin.

"So yeah, it's been alright so far, we've managed to keep it to ourselves. I think we've done something right, thank goodness!"

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV.

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