Countryfile guest issues warning to Matt Baker during cider segment ‘Don’t waste it’

Countryfile: Matt Baker taste tests Devon ciders

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Sunday night’s Countryfile saw BBC host Joe Crowley taking viewers to Chew Magna Community Farm where he delved into a world of no-dig farming and helped out with packing the vegetable orders. Matt Baker also tried his hand at cider tasting when he took a trip to Hunt’s Orchard in Devon. He spoke with Annette, who is head of sales at the orchard who gave him some tips on cider.

“I am in the perfect place to explore cider,” Matt explained to viewers. “Hunt’s Orchard, with its 18-acres of apple trees.”

When it came to the tasting, Matt asked expert Annette: “What shall I go for first? Which one do you recommend?”

“I would start with the Wobbler there,” she replied as she went on to warn the host: “You don’t want to drink too much of this one Matt because you know what it’s going to do to you.”

He asked: “Are we supposed to be spitting this into a bucket or is it down the hatch?”

“Don’t waste it,” Annette scolded. “You might want to put your nose in there and see what you can smell.”

“Oh, that’s got lots of earthy tones,” Matt replied before tasting the cider.

“This is a still, traditional cider,” Annette explained. “This is what we have always been making.”

As the former One Show host tried the cider, he commented: “That’s lovely, isn’t it?”

Annette went on to speak about where the names of the ciders come from.

She told Matt they were named after old Devon dialects.

“The Wobbler, you know if someone has been drinking too much,” she explained.

“We just felt that it was a fun name, so we put Wobbler on it.”

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They quickly moved on to tasting the next cider which was called Misty Maid.

“This is our cloudy one,” Annette continued. “It’s sweet.

“A maid is Devon is a young lady in her prime.”

After sampling the drink, Matt commented: “That’s softer, instantly. I like the fizz though.”


Elsewhere in the programme, Matt also spoke with the founder of Hunt’s Orchard, Roger.

As they walked through the orchard, Roger showed Matt the tree that was planted by his grandfather in 1926.

Speaking of his success running his business, Roger began: “I’ve got to give my mum some credit as she was involved in the cider business.

“She sold cider at the farmhouse window for 60 years. She was still selling cider when she was 85 years old.”

Countryfile returns on Sunday at 6.30pm on BBC One.

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