Coziest holiday movies: Love Actually, The Muppet Christmas Carol, more

Hello, fellow holidayers. As this most festive season marches on, you may find yourselves experiencing frost fatigue, anti-snowy sentiment, or warm-weather wistfulness. This is unfortunate but treatable and, even better, preventable! It has been proven that such winter symptoms are usually the result of a common malady known as cozy deficiency, which happens when, simply put, when you neglect to prioritize coziness in your November-February life.

We’re here to help. The EW staff have identified the coziest places, moments, songs, garments, meals, and even people in movies to help up your cozy quotient (turning the heat up in your home is not enough, and also can dry out your skin, which results in overapplication of nighttime moisturizer, all of which can be cozy-depleting if you aren’t careful). So without further ado:

To begin with, Beauty and the Beast — animated, obviously — can’t let you down. There’s the soup-eating scene, the warm compress Belle uses to heal the Beast’s wounds, Belle’s red cloak (never say no to a fur trim), and the very existence of Mrs. Potts, for crying out loud.

Once you’ve had your soup, dig into the Morton family strata in The Family Stone, join in on Meryl Streep’s wine night in It’s Complicated, and finish it all off with some of Bridget Jones’ ice cream (despite being a cold dish, ice cream is, in fact, deliciously cozy).

Now let’s find some cozy spots, shall we? Nothing compares to the Gryffindor common room, especially with a fire lit. Any and all Nancy Meyers homes will get you feeling all warm inside (especially The Holiday. There are two!). Pop into the kitchen in The Big Chill or the bakery in Kiki’s Delivery Service for a snack, then take a long winter’s nap in Keira Knightley’s bed from Pirates of the Caribbean or at the pajama party in The Princess Diaries 2And never pass up a trip to The Shop Around the Corner in You’ve Got Mail or Bag-End in The Hobbit!

Speaking of chilly locales and the warm and fuzzy wardrobe they require, let’s acknowledge Audrey Hepburn’s orange coat in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Diane Keaton’s bathrobe in The Family Stone, and Cate Blanchett’s plaid bathrobe in Carol (and for that matter, Cate Blanchett’s fur coat in Carol). And now, a moment for sweaters. Please recognize the great cozy-restorative properties of all of the following:

  • Any time Diane Lane wears a chunky knit and/or tasseled shawl
  • Timothy Hutton’s sweaters in Ordinary People
  • Daniel Craig’s grey turtleneck in Spectre
  • Nicholas Hoult’s angora sweater in A Single Man
  • Meg Ryan’s chunky knits in When Harry Met Sally
  • Ann-Margret’s brown sweater in Bye Bye Birdie

If you need a full-blown feature-length shot of cozy, the movies that are filled with it from top to bottom include Serendipity, Dead Poets Society, and Love Actually, actually. Only have time for a single scene? Tune into any of the book club meetings in The Jane Austen Book Club, or the first part of The Shining when the Overlook is just like a cool regular hotel!

For especially seasonal cozy feelings, revisit Sex and the City’s New Year’s Eve, or sing along to “Count Your Blessings” in White Christmas or “One More Sleep” in The Muppet Christmas Carol. For that matter, show up at any Fezziwig’s party in any Christmas past in absolutely any Christmas Carol, and you’re sure to be filled with holiday cheer (holiday cheer is, it should go without saying, the coziest of feelings).

Oh my gosh, and as long as you’re looking for holiday cheer, it would be truly egregious to skip out on Buddy’s department store-decorating in Elf! And when things are really bad, when you’ve lost that cozy feeling and not even all of the foliage in Stepmom is enough to get it back, there are Porgs.

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