Crazy amount brands are paying for product placement in new James Bond film

Bond is all about the big bucks, from his sharp suit to latest tech and fast cars, but while Her Majesty's Secret Service is apparently quite willing to fork out for the very best it seems the brands are too.

Over the years the biggest brands have coughed up millions to feature in the James Bond movies with product placement deals.

Now with the 25th movie on the horizon there's even more deals being signed with Heineken and Bollinger both breaking records with their endorsement.

Mirror Online exclusively revealed the latest film, set for release in April 2020, has net a record £75million in endorsement deals .

Heineken has also paid £10 million for Craig to appear in as yet to be shot adverts.

Bollinger has also reportedly paid about £10 million to be linked with James Bond again, carrying on the 40 year partnership.

There's also deals with Omega and Aston Martin.

A source told the Daily Mirror: “Heineken and Bollinger have both had long associations with the films.

“They have confidence in the brand’s success with Daniel at the helm.”

The latest Aston Martin, the Rapide E, will also appear in the film. The all-electric sports car was revealed at Shanghai's Auto Show earlier this year. It's the first zero-emissions car by the brand.

Daniel Craig spoke about Bond's heavy product placement strategy back to Vanity Fair:  “He likes a lot of drinks – Heineken, champagne. It’s all in there.”

The actor said Heineken’s money helped to meet the film’s costs. “A movie like this costs $118 million [£73 million] to make – it's the nature of it, the size of the movie. And it costs another $200 million [£124 million] to sell it. So the $200 million has to come from somewhere.

"Product placement, whichever way you look at it, whether you like it or you think it’s disgusting or whatever, it’s what it is.

“Heineken gave us a ton of money for there to be Heineken in a shot in a bar… Without them, the movie couldn’t get sold.”

Bond 25 is released in cinemas on April 8, 2020.

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