Daily Picks M Magazine June 16 – Wednesday


The LetdownCredit:


***1/2 three and a half stars

9pm, ABC

Sometimes it’s hard to sympathise with Audrey (co-creator Alison Bell), the miserable mother of one-year-old Stevie. She has the support of her mother (Sarah Peirse), her mother’s group mates, and her devoted husband (Duncan Fellows), who takes her on a 10-day vineyard-crawl in the Barossa Valley, sans baby. Then the reasons for her melancholy surface and it all makes a sad kind of sense.

The MiniaturistCredit:


Series premiere **** four stars

9.35pm, SBS

Wearing a costume regrettably bearing a similarity to a certain Handmaid’s uniform, a young woman arrives in Amsterdam in 1686, betrothed to a sugar merchant. What ensues is a Vermeer-tinged story of high drama and intrigue, as the curious inhabitants of a house of piety navigate each other’s whims, while beneath them ripples an unseen, unspoken threat. Not quite your classic BBC period bodice ripper, but titillating nonetheless.

Sharon OsbourneCredit:

20 to ONE

**1/2 two and a half stars

8.40pm, Nine

Here’s a chance to glance back at some of the irritating crazes of yesteryear and be reminded that the floss, too, shall pass. Hopefully along with turmeric lattes, drawn-on eyebrows and bushrangers’ beards on teenagers. Erin Molan and Nick Cody host this surprisingly attention-holding clip show, in which dance fads, ear worms and ridiculous obsessions are pondered by celebrities including Mel B, Sharon Osbourne (pictured) and Jimmy Carr.

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