Dancing on Ice star Rufus Hound responds to backlash over offensive tweets

Dancing on Ice star, Rufus Hound, has responded to offensive tweets after experiencing backlash.

The comedian has used the word 'retard' before, also mocked singer Ed Sheeran and called him a "gay lord", as well as writing out racist words in full.

Hound said 'culture' on social media was 'darker and edgier' when he joined several years ago.

He wrote several tweets in September about people coming across things he posted over the past 11 years, and retweeted the thread on Sunday.

He wrote that 'anything and everything' he wants to say about the matter is still relevant.

The star said: “When I was a younger man, the culture on here was much darker and edgier. I made jokes about race, sexuality, politics, everything.

“You may find those jokes offensive or upsetting. And if you do, there’s a very good chance I hadn’t thought about them or the subjects they covered enough.

“If anything I’ve said or tweeted in the past was stupid or hurtful, it’s because I can be stupid and hurtful. I sincerely try to understand and do better.”

And in a debate on the use of language, the former Celebrity Juice panellist wrote: “And 29 years ago you’d have heard people talking about ‘n*****s and p***s’. So, no problem there?”

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On last week's show he accused the Tories of not feeding "hungry kids".

He also once posted claims Theresa May colluded in the horrific Manchester Arena bombing.

At the time he retweeted another person's comment regarding how the attacker was known to MI5.

Hound wrote he had been 'thinking the same as Theresa May was Home Secretary for so long'.

The tweets were later deleted.

Hound, who is skating alongside professional Robin Johnstone, had to pull out of last week's show as he was told to self-isolate after coming into contact with someone who had Covid.

The 41-year-old was forced to miss the show to adhere to government guidelines and is quarantining at home for 10 days.

He was set to perform in a group routine on Sunday, and will miss the coming week's individual skate as a result.

ITV has been approached for comment.

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