David Jason shares his ‘intense annoyance’ over fame-hungry celebs

Only Fools and Horses icon Sir David Jason appeared on ITV 's Lorraine yesterday and shared with the host his "immense annoyance" over celebrities who let the fame go to their heads.

In the pre-recorded clip the 80-year-old national treasure lambasted celebs who become "out of touch" with reality due to their fame.

He remarked: "There are some people especially in our business that get a little touch of fame and it seems to affect their brain somehow."

Sir David continued: "And they think that they are elevated into being something special, something more than human if you like.

"And that annoys me immensely because they forget that without the team, they wouldn’t even be on television."

"You’re so, so right," Lorraine replied to him in agreement.

Sir David's comments came after Lorraine said to him that "no one has a bad word to say" about him.

Lorraine began: "The thing about you is no one has got a bad word to say about you,

"Because that’s how you’ve lived your life, you’ve been kind to people, considerate to people. And it seems such a small thing but it’s huge."

Responding to Lorraine's kind words, David said: "I think you’re right, you’re absolutely right, Lorraine."

The star, who recently released book A Del of a Life, went on to say: "I bet you this is something I couldn’t teach you is that you’ve got to remember, especially in our business, that you’ve got to rely so much on everybody around you, that it is a team effort."

He continued: "You rely on everybody else. What that means is you are part of a team and part of a journey together to make a programme,

"So enjoy it. It’s the journey, not the arrival, right?"

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV

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