Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis refused to speak off-camera on final movie ‘It was so painful’

Hollywood or Bust: Dean Martin stars in trailer for 1956 film

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For 10 years, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were an incredibly popular and successful comedy duo. The sexy crooner and goofball comic went on to make 16 movies together, but after a decade they had a major falling out and didn’t speak to each other for 20 years. In fact, there are a number of reasons behind their feud.

Martin felt Lewis would be too controlling over their work so started speaking of returning to his solo career. The comic felt betrayed by this, even though he continued to idolise the singer in lots of ways. 

Apart from their wives not getting on with each other’s acting partner, their work ethics were completely different. Martin was more relaxed, while Lewis was a workaholic who many people felt carried them as an act.

After five years at Paramount Pictures, Martin was getting fed up with scripts he felt limited him as a colourless lead in movies focused on Lewis’ comic antics.

The last straw for the crooner was when he was cropped out of a cover shoot of the duo for Look magazine.

He stuck to his movie contract but the two would get into terrible arguments, with Martin at one point telling Lewis, “You’re nothing to me but a f***ing dollar sign.”

Their 16th and final movie was 1956’s Hollywood or Bust, shot from April 16 to June 19 for a Christmas release and it was an incredibly awkward few weeks together.

In his autobiography Dean and Me, Lewis said how the pair didn’t talk to each other off-camera for the entire shoot.

The comic also admitted it was the only one of his movies that he hadn’t seen because it was just too painful to watch.

The pair gave a farewell performance at the Copacabana Club on July 25, 1956, exactly 10 years to the day after their debut.

A fun bit of trivia from Hollywood or Bust is that there’s something of a cameo by Elvis Presley in the year he shot to fame.

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During the movie, a Las Vegas hotel billboard is seen announcing that Elvis will perform at the New Frontier Hotel, which he did from April 23 to May 6 1956.

Just a few weeks later, the rising star began shooting his first movie Love Me Tender for Paramount, who made Hollywood or Bust.

The inclusion of the billboard was the studio’s clever way of advertising their new star in the Las Vegas establishing shots.

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