Death in Paradise season 9: Will DI Jack Mooney find love in his final series?

Death in Paradise returns with a brand new series early next year as viewers head back to the Caribbean island to deal with more mysterious crimes. Beginning on the BBC in January, Ardal O’Hanlon will be reprising his role as DI Jack Mooney for one final time before his departure at some point in the series.

The detectives on the island of Saint Marie have not generally had the best luck in the romantic department.

Often harbouring some unrequited feelings for their co-workers, the main men have been perpetually single.

This is also the case for the current lead DI Jack Mooney (played by O’Hanlon) who sadly lost his wife just before he moved to work at the Honoré Police Station.

However, ever since the BBC announced the release of the ninth series, there have been hints that he could find love again.


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In the initial synopsis released by the channel, it was revealed he will be on the receiving end of a kiss.

This read: “Series nine will see the Honoré Police team get to know their new DS, Madeleine (Aude Legastelois), while a surprise kiss catches Jack off guard…”

Now further fuel has been added to the fire with the reveal of the new guest stars who will be joining the series.

This includes one star who will be joining for an extended stretch in the ninth season.

This is EastEnders actor Nina Wadia who the BBC confirmed will be playing a woman named Anna.

In the initial Tweet announcing her inclusion, it was hinted she could be squaring up for interaction with the DI.

The BBC Tweeted: “Nina Wadia will join Death in Paradise as Anna! Will an encounter with DI Jack Mooney lead to new things on the horizon?”

The actor also gave another hint about impending romance to the channel after her role was confirmed.

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She added: “It’s been wonderful playing Anna, who in having to start her life over, rediscovers herself whilst unexpectedly finding romance on the island! 

“I laughed my way through it all; how could I not with that fantastic cast?”

Given that romance as well as a meeting with Mooney is on the cards, this could mean the pair may have a romantic connection in season nine.

Some viewers have even been speculating about how she could also be involved in his exit from the island.


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Following the announcement, @conchiedalquist tweeted: “Is this the lady who will capture Jack’s heart and they will head off into the sunset together?”

“Something tells me that she will [steal] Jack’s heart,” @AGuyWhoTweet5 also tweeted.

A third user named @Vicki2Win pleaded to the BBC to give Jack a happy ending.

They wrote: “Just please do not kill off DI Mooney. I read he’s leaving and I pray it’s only going back to England.

“His daughter needs him and she’s already lost her mom!”

Death in Paradise returns in January 2020.

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