Death in Paradise: Will DS Camille Bordey return for good in Death in Paradise season 10?

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Death in Paradise has been entertaining viewers with its familiar set-up, gripping murders and light-hearted comedy for a decade. The BBC One series will be celebrating its 10th anniversary as it returns to our screens early next year. Earlier this year, it was announced DS Florence Cassell (played by Josephine Jobert) would be back on the beautiful island of Saint Marie but will DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) be back for good? has everything you need to know.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from Death in Paradise.

After making her departure following the devastating murder of fiancé Patrice Campbell (Leemore Marrett Jr) in 2018, Florence is going to return in 2021.

She will pick up where she left off, working closely with the new lead detective DI Neville Parker (Ralf Little).

But how will Florence react to returning to the island where her beloved Patrice was killed?

This week, it was announced Florence wouldn’t be the only former detective sergeant to crop up in season 10.

DS Camille Bordey (Sara Martins) is also returning to Death in Paradise for the 10th anniversary season.

She originally worked with the first detective DI Richard Poole (Ben Miller) until he was murdered at the beginning of series three.

Camille worked alongside DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) but decided to leave when she was offered an undercover job in Paris.

Just before parting, Camille kissed Humphrey and hadn’t been seen since.

She will be making a comeback in the new episodes which will air early next year.

Will DS Camille Bordey return for good in Death in Paradise season 10?

Florence is going to be returning as a series regular when series 10 of Death in Paradise starts.

Sadly, this will not be the case for actress Sara Martins who plays Camille Bordey.

She is back to mark the comedy drama’s anniversary but will only be in the show for a short amount of time.

Camille is going to be at the heart of a special two-episode story where she gets herself involved in an ongoing investigation.

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Camille will return to Saint Marie to see her mother Mayor Catherine Bordey (Élizabeth Bourgine).

However, her life will be turned upside down following the death of a friend on the island.

So is Camille going to become a suspect in series 10 or is her own life at risk? Fans will haver to wait until 2021 to find out.

Actress Martins talked about how “grateful” she is to Death in Paradise, following the announcement of her return.

Martins said: “There are some characters that never leave you and I’m still Camille, wherever I go.

“After many years, people still reference and send their love to me as Camille, so it was obvious that I had to go back and the 10th anniversary is the perfect opportunity!

“I want to celebrate the longevity of Death in Paradise. It was life-changing for me and I’m so grateful to the show.

“I feel like I’m going back home with new folks and old, to bring more fun and joy. I’m really happy to wear Camille’s ‘twinkly-ness’ again.”

Death in Paradise is available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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