Death warning, shocking exit, ultimate betrayal and 7 more Corrie spoilers

Death warning, shocking exit, ultimate betrayal and 7 more Corrie spoilers

The Platt family is already in tatters in Coronation Street and things are only set to get worse as the war between David (Jack P Shepherd) and Nick (Ben Price) gets even worse, leading to a shocking act of betrayal. And amid all the chaos in her family, Gail Rodwell (Helen Worth) suddenly disappears, prompting Sarah (Tina O’Brien) to call the police.

Another family on the verge of being ripped in half is that of Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) and Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard). Sinead is anxious ahead of her MRI scan and despite getting good results, she can’t shake off the fear that she is going to die – but Daniel has a bold idea to try and take her mind off of her terror.

10 Corrie spoilers

  • Gail goes missing so Sarah calls the police.
  • Paul discovers that his mate Marley was the one who punched Sean.
  • Robert struggles to keep his double life separate.
  • Sinead is given good news but still fears her cancer will return.
  • Kirk admits that he doesn’t want to go back on tour.
  • Steve declines to tell Tracy that he has his license back.
  • Nick tells David that he is going to do the right thing.
  • Eileen and Jan share a kiss.
  • Daniel suggests to Sinead they get married for real.
  • Nick stabs David in the back at their court hearing.

Monday 8th July Part One

Sean confronts Paul over his attack but Paul denies any involvement. Later, Marley admits to Paul that he was the one who punched Sean. Robert agrees to visit Vicky but when the fundraiser has twice as many guests as Michelle had realised, she needs Robert’s help, leaving him in a pickle.

Kirk returns from tour to Beth’s delight but tells her that it’s just a flying visit. Adam reminds Steve of his taxi license appeal hearing while Alya remains interested in Ryan.

Monday 8th July Part Two

Robert arrives at the hotel with an emergency supply of canapes and Michelle is relieved but Robert is being pestered by phone calls to his mobile. Steve gets his license back but neglects to tell Tracy while Sarah is worried when there is no sign of Gail after she has frosty exchanges with Audrey and Nick.

Billy tells Paul that he has reported Marley to the police while Alya and Ryan flirt and Kirk admits to Beth that he doesn’t want to go back on tour.

Wednesday 10th July Part One

Sinead is full of anxiety on the day of her MRI scan and as she sits with Daniel in the waiting room, she warns him that they need to face the fact that she might die. Craig distracts Tim from Tiny while Steve has another unicorn party booking but disaster strikes when Tiny disappears.

Billy is upset as Paul remains cold to him while David and Nick clash over Gail’s disappearance. Robert bribes Ryan to man the bistro while he secretly attends a midwife appointment with Vicky.

Wednesday 10th July Part Two

Tim is furious with Steve and Michael after Sally discovers Tiny dressed as a unicorn. Billy is crushed to realise that Paul is on a date with someone else while Alya and Ryan share a kiss. Sinead is given the good news that her tumour is shrunk but she can’t shake the fear that her cancer may return.

Nick tells David that he plans to take the full responsibility for the money theft and David contacts Imran to tell him he is withdrawing his claim about the factory. But Leanne wants Nick to stick to his guns. Robert promises Vicky that he will never break his commitment and later lies to Michelle again.

Friday 12th July Part One

Eileen opens up to Jan about her marriage to Phelan and he assures her that she can find love again before kissing her but she eventually pulls away. Meanwhile, Alina tells Seb that she can’t see him anymore. Nick betrays David in court by saying that he was the mastermind of the money theft.

Daniel surprises Sinead with a holiday while Roy bars Evelyn and Cerberus from the cafe.

Friday 12th July Part Two

Nick promises Audrey that he will put things right but Sarah isn’t so forgiving and she tells him that she has got Adam to draw up paperwork to have him removed as the Director of Underworld on the grounds that his brain injury makes him unfit. Eileen tells Jan she isn’t ready for a relationship while Seb learns that Alina has quit her job.

Daniel proposes to Sinead and says they should do their wedding for real.

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