Demi Rose breaks down in tears as she reveals she was abused as a child and bullied at school

INSTAGRAM star Demi Rose has revealed she was abused as a child and bullied at school in a tearful video to her fans.

The model, 25, shared a string of messages to her 14.2 million followers on the platform where she opened up about her traumatic formative years.

She also said she is grieving the loss of loved ones, and coming to terms with what happened to her as a young schoolgirl.

The star from Birmingham, who lost both of her parents in recent years, told fans: "From dealing with abuse as a child, to going through bullying at school, getting hurt by relationships that you never thought you would of and dealing with major grief, losing two people I loved the most."

'To this day, I'm still trying to let all of that go but I'm acknowledging that all of that shaped me into who I am today."

She then shared a clip of tears running down her face with a message to fans.

"I miss a lot. It's still very much hard for me to grasp how much life changes and how much you need to grow and be strong. Not everything is perfect all the time. Not always I have self love," she typed.

Demi, who rose to fame on Instagram aged 18, shared a series of positive statements about growing stronger and said she wanted to inspire her fans to pick themselves back up.

She continued: "I feel it's important to feel your emotions, understand them, let them out and experience them.

"I like to think that whatever that may happen to me has happened for a reason. That I'm a vessel. So I can inspire and help those who have struggled too. 

"I haven't opened up too much about my struggles because I have always still been dealing with them. I wanted to get to a strong place first to talk on them."

Demi ended her statements: "So here's to picking yourself up, having faith in all that's to come, remembering your core and your divine essence.

"Before life happened we were innocent babies in a hopeful world. We knew no stress and we knew no hurt. We only knew love."

Later last night, Demi revealed she was feeling better after a Zoom chat with her friends and she shared another video in which she thanked her fans.

She said: "Hi everyone, just wanted to say thank you for all your support and love. I really appreciate it. In that current moment, I was taking a photo, and I thought, 'You know what, I don't really feel that good right now'."

Last year Demi took to Instagram to reveal the sad news that her mum, Christine, had died aged just 63.

Her death came just eight months after Demi's father Barrie Mawby died in October 2018, aged 80.

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